She Kissed Me First

The damn fools and liars who run around repeating propaganda and GOP talking points are grinding on my nerves because they don’t understand context, significance or  relevance.

Reminds me a bit a conversation I overheard in the airport between a couple about who kissed who first and whether he or she was the first to say I love you.

They noticed my head shake and asked me what I thought.

“Do you love each other?”

“Yes, very much. Most people irritate me, but I like him.”

“Are you either one of you going to prison, being deployed or being put in a position where it is physically impossible to be together?”


“So you both love each other and she likes you because you aren’t as irritating as most people. Your fight is dumb. Find something significant to fight about or let this immaterial crap go.”

“Are you a therapist?”

“No,  I am a grumpy old man with a $83,500 a year Viagra habit.”

That last line threw them a bit, but I was done and not in the mood to engage further so I was ridiculous.

Ready To Tear It Up

Four days on the road last week followed by four days on the road this week has helped lead me to the “ready to tear it up” mountaintop.

I am fed up with stupidity. Fed up with fools telling the lowest unemployment numbers ever means that no one should be without a job because they exist.

Fed up with people telling me that those who are in financial trouble should simply move from whatever city, village or state they live in as if that fixes everything.

Doesn’t account for moving costs, what jobs are or are not available, child care and a million other issues that can impact things like wage stagnation.

Some of those same fools will tell you they work their asses off and deserve more than they get while refusing to make the same allowances for others.

Hell, I guess it is easier not to think or question…but not for me.


Got a few compliments on some of the music in the last few posts and questions about writing.

Told them I pick my songs at random and try to wear my favorite shmata their is romantic comfort in some things.

Told another when you give a good shmata the kind of memorable ride they haven’t had in six or seven years they appreciate it, even if they don’t come out and say it.

“Joshua, I haven’t the foggiest idea what you are saying or where you going with this. How does this apply to writing?”

“Sometimes I just start talking and or writing and let the words take the lead. Sometimes I just tap, tap, tap on the keyboard and see what happens.

Two pumps and you are in the middle of a story. You know, you started a story whose end has to wait, at least until you come up with it.

Too Many Steps

The last four days were spent in a city I have always wanted to visit and apparently will have to go back to if I want to see it.

We had 984,333 meetings and the majority were quite productive but sadly this prevented me from getting a chance to go out on the town.

It didn’t stop a few others who were happy to try to work on 2 hours of sleep or something like that.

It is worth noting that I probably averaged about 4 hours each night which is less than I usually do and it has caught up with me as I am pretty damn tired.

Add the 11,000 daily steps or so required to go from meeting to meal to room to meeting and my legs are feeling it a little bit.

The steps weren’t the problem, it was the extended time standing on the concrete started to catch up with me.

Music Break

Jenny of Oldstones– Podrick

Jenny Of Oldstones– Florence and The Machine

Movies with Ennio Morricone

The Music Of James Bond

I… Ache

All this travel through time and space leaves me staring aimlessly into the mirror. Maybe it is because of exhaustion and cramped conditions or maybe it is something else.


Intermixed I realize we are most of the way through January and one day past the 18 month anniversary of dad walking into the cornfield to go play ball with Shoeless Joe.

It is mind blowing to me how fast time is moving and how children that had barely learned to read are old enough to be talking about college.

Go back five years and ask me if I can imagine now and I’ll say no. I wonder if what I picture five years from now will resemble it at all.


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