The Five Minute Meltdown

There was a five minute meltdown to go with the five hour packing and repacking adventure of Sunday evening.

I know what I am good at and what needs work and packing for business trips is one of those things.

Ask me why and most of the time I’ll say it is because I don’t feel like I fold and roll well and it irks me to have to worry about wrinkles and creases.

Why iron if I can avoid it.

Something happened to me tonight, I hit overload and I couldn’t get it right and it set me off because I felt like I was on the verge of getting it set exactly the way I wanted.

Took a deep breath and asked Doc YouTube to show me a video figuring I could use some tricks, advice and guidance.

Watched the video below and decided I want to purchase another carry on that makes it easier to manage my dress clothes and cursed not having thought to do it in advance.

Not Spatially Challenged

I am not spatially challenged. I don’t have trouble organizing and moving things around. I am good at Tetris.

But not on this Sunday night, on this night I failed to get it done. Call it a synaptic disconnect, brain fart or whatever you want.

It didn’t happen and I had a five minute meltdown.

Not the sort where people scream, throw things or cry, this was silent.

It was me beating myself up for not figuring it out.

That is the truth and so is I won’t let anyone else speak to me that way, but sometimes we are our own worst critics.

So I am using this time to clear my head so that I when I put my head upon the pillow I can sleep.

Tomorrow morning I may repack it all into a carry on because it should fit but if I don’t because other things take priority I will not cry, scream or pout.

I’ll roll with it because if this is the biggest challenge I face life is pretty good.

Hell this past Friday night the full mutiny declared upon my system made me wonder if I would be able to make it onto a plane, let alone sit.

But fuck if I am going to let some things get in the way, too young and too old for those things to be.

Still have too much fight left in me, even if I have been worn down in ways that are starting to become noticeable to me.

Thing is, if I can get over a couple of humps and past a couple of hurdles I can beat those into submission and life gets easier for a moment.

That is all I need, a little breathing room and a chance to get my bearings and I will go back into the breach.

The boy who yelled ‘I take this potch and throw it away lives’ still.

The Lone Wolf Finds A New Pack

Give it time and maybe you’ll hear the story of the new pack or maybe what is/was old becomes new again.

Time has come and time has gone and there is no more left in this post to share.

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