The $9,000 Chair

He tells me I can stream music through my phone and enjoy my own playlists while getting a massage.

I hadn’t planned on getting a massage today, but I am a sucker for the demonstrations at a Costco massage chair roadshow so for a moment I am the guy reclining in Southlake.

“Sir, do you want to test it out?”

“Sure, but I don’t think I am going to buy one regardless of how much I like it.

“Take off your shoes and hop in.”

I follow his instructions and for a moment I focus upon the warehouse ceiling and then close my eyes allowing the rollers and heat to try and take me away.

Even though I haven’t really looked at it I decide it is a nice chair and think if I had a spare $5,500 burning a hole in my pocket I might pick one up.

Thing could be ugly, but I don’t care because it is working on a couple of knots and it won’t ever say no or tell me it is too tired.

“This is about $5 grand right?”

Salesman smiles and tells me they retail for $9k but Costco has a special deal. I wonder if he thinks the smile on my face is going to make me reach into my wallet.

What Happens To Those Who Wait

“So, are you going to buy today or wait until the weekend?”

The salesman is about 25 but the guy asking me looks to be around my age and I wonder what his role is.

“I don’t think it is going to happen today.”

“Don’t wait, you know what happens to those who wait.”

“Depends on what or whom they are waiting for. I like my steaks medium rare, not mooing. I like to make sure the paint is dry before I sit down.”

“Oh, you are quick sir. I do appreciate a quick wit.”

“Some people are always looking for their other half.”

That last line was rude, but I was 75 miles into a day that was longer than expected and feeling a little stressed out.

He didn’t catch the insult or maybe he ignored it and pushed a bit.

“I am not someone who reacts well to being pushed. I can wait for this.”

“That might disappoint you.”

“Sounds more like it is going to disappoint you than me.”

“Sir, I am actually looking out for you.”

“Thank you for that, no one else does so it is nice to have help.”

There is no smile in my eyes or voice and that stifles whatever response he was about to give and I walk away.


Got Clannad playing on the computer and two screens set up next to each other.

The teenagers don’t think I hear them discussing why dad looks so intense and I give them no reason to know I am aware.

Sometimes silence can be a useful tool and I am processing a significant chunk of information. It is not bad or alarming content but there is a quite a bit of it.

Call it prep work for what is to come and my desire to succeed is significant. Submit and dominate come to mind and that doesn’t happen nor work without some work and a little bit of luck.

So here I am trying to do the work and anticipating that will help create some luck.

The goal is to be able to sit in the proverbial rocking chair and say I got lucky but know that wasn’t the sole reason.

People can say that destiny finds you but I say sometimes you find destiny too with the trick being your recognition of it.

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