Travel Cushions & Airplane Pillows

Someone on Facebook asked who we would be if we were fearless and I immediately answered dead because fear is what helps me remember I am alive.

Fear can be both friend and foe, but most of the time he/she/it is my pal because they serve as a reminder of growth and opportunity not to mention an air horn to remind me to open my eyes while crossing the street.

Cue music and move into the next thought.

Been working on trying to rope the moon and do the things that seemed impossible while remembering how much I have accomplished when I didn’t stop to analyze every angle.

Sometimes the greatest secret of my success has been to not think and to do.

I put up 250 on the bench not long ago because I didn’t consider whether I had trained long and hard enough to do it.

Didn’t think about whether I would get hurt or be capable, I just did it.

That may not be the best or perfect example especially without context so I’ll ask that you accept it as a significant jump from where I had been lifting.

And I’ll add the caveat that years ago I could do far more so it probably added confidence.

Neither of those are really tied into travel cushions and airplane pillows so I ought to take some time to address those.

Air Travel Tips & Tricks

Got more than a handful of upcoming trips in the near future and started thinking about what I need to do to make these moments as painless as possible.

Started by registering for TSA Precheck so that when possible I can blow through security without getting naked and explaining what the three tattoos scattered about my body are.

I own two different travel pillows now but I find one of them kind of bulky and I am not sure I feel like dragging it around.

Most of the time I stick the second one behind my back and use it to support the almost middle aged lumbar so I’ll probably keep it around.

What I don’t have until recently had never considered is a seat cushion. But after a friend mentioned how he started to squirm on a flight from LAX to Seoul I began to think about how I have had some similar experiences.

Initially I thought the issue might be because I haven’t spent enough stretching and trying to get more limber.

But after the conversation with my LA to Korea buddy and a few other guys I realized it probably has more to do with age than I thought.

Old Doc Google seems to agree so I am playing around with giving Bezos a couple of bucks for a portable unit to see if there is any significant change.

I don’t mind spending a couple of dollars to make my time in a flying tin can a little more comfortable so that I can exit the plane flashing a fabulous Wilner smile or so I hope.

The biggest question here is can I arrange things so that I can fly in comfortable clothes or will I need to be in a three piece suit.

Not a huge fan of flying in a suit, done it more than once, but I’ll manage either way.

Anyhoo, I have read more than a few posts about air travel tips and tricks and the one thing they always include are noise cancelling headphones.

That is something I have been doing for years now and highly recommend. It makes a huge difference.

The Ironman

I used to have an idea that for my 50th birthday my son and I would do the Ironman together.

I always pictured us doing the big one in Hawaii and used to say that kid of mine would be big enough to carry me across the finish line if necessary.

That particular dream didn’t happen and while the reasons are acceptable with me it sometimes chaps my hide that it didn’t happen.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do that or something similar one day.

The point of mentioning this isn’t to focus upon what did or did happen but to share a different thought with you.

When I first thought about this particular idea my son was pretty little and the idea that he would be big enough to carry or let me lean on him was hard to believe.

In concept I knew it was possible but it was hard to envision.

Today that is not the case, on the night before his 19th birthday it is clear he is easily capable of providing that kind of help.

Were I not short on time I might share a few more thoughts about him, but I have to make an airport run so the reminiscing and predictions/thoughts for the future will have to wait.

For now I’ll end with I can’t believe how fast the years have gone and wish they would slow down just a little bit.

See you back here or elsewhere tonight…maybe. 🙂

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