Slipping The Bonds Of Reality

The answer to whether the glass is half empty or half full is it is full…very full.

Filled with wine, though I am not typically a wine drinker, I am listening to the Remix of One Slip but not sure yet if I like it better or the same as the original.

Lyrics have always spoken to me, but the combination of music and memory kept it close. Bells are ringing and not because the fruit of the vine is coursing through my veins.

No, it is because the change has come and whether you deem it because of the end of a decade or hold the truth to be something else it matters not.

I feel it. I hear it. I know it.

We know it and the flames burn bright be it because we are dancing in the fire or not.

Slipping the bonds of reality to catch the wave that leads to the next station on the journey.

A Ghost In The Candlelight

Two trips to the airport on a Friday makes it clear there is a good chance that come Sunday night I’ll get to play a ghost in the candlelight.

Wandering near a Lego menorah there is no telling if I will get to be like the ghost you sense but whose presence you don’t acknowledge or if my corporeal form will gain notice.

My daughter says my claim to be the stealthiest ninja is exaggerated but I tell her she is mistaken as when I want to walk unnoticed through crowds I am quite good at it.

But I am also good at being noticed should I so desire or require and given circumstances and time of year it remains to be seen how the cards shall be played.

Since the girls are back in a far off land I once called home I won’t be able to demonstrate my skills to a skeptical daughter and that is ok.

Instead I’ll check to see if the Feds have processed my request for a known traveler number that will allow me to fly without being required to undress.

Won’t be long before the flying tubes and I become very well acquainted and I intend to try to make the move between earth and sky as painless as possible.


The boys tell me to look into joining a Crossfit gym and assure me I will love it but I haven’t joined because the cost is too high…today.

Inside my gym I take extra time to stretch and continue to transition to much lighter weights and higher rep counts.

It is not easy, nature wants me to see how much iron I can throw around but I am beginning to be more interested in trying to increase flexibility.

Beginning to see more benefits in adjusting and figure it doesn’t hurt to try it out. Nature has made it easy to put bulk and size on.

If I want to lift the heavier weights I can go back, of this I am sure.

But the leaner and more flexible guy is of interest, especially if aircraft and I are to become closer friends.

The Future I See

Got news yesterday that blew me away and yet reminded me how very lucky I am to have to have had some of the choices I made go as they have.

A good friend says I dodged a bullet and I agree but again, luck with a dash of skill makes the moves seem so very wise.

The question of whether it is better to be good or lucky rises often as does the answer smart men make their own luck but ultimately it is impossible to definitively argue which is of paramount importance.

I opt for sitting on the fence post here and declaring I want to be smart and lucky.

So I am pushing through the brush and muck making my way towards the future I see, no roadmap in hand, at least none that provide a clear path.

Got to blaze a trail in some areas and climb the Gumdrop mountains in others.

Eye doc is correct about the impact of dry eyes on your standard visual acuity but he isn’t clear about the ability to see through the fog and to use vision that isn’t subject to cones and rods or cataracts.

Sometimes you have to go on gut feel and instinct.

Times like these require faith, some wisdom and maybe some luck.

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