Why Are You So Angry?

I haven’t ever met him but he is certain he knows quite a bit about me and so he attempts to use such knowledge to dazzle me.

“Your Facebook profile says you are part of the Apathy club but it doesn’t show any education so I suppose you have a bad job. But you don’t have to have a bad job, the president has produced an amazing economy. Maybe the answer to why you are so angry is you are angry with yourself.”

It makes for a mildly amusing moment for me, this idea that Facebook presents a real picture of who I am because it lacks substance and structure.

Unless Zuck changed the privacy settings again my public profile won’t give you much insight into employment or education, not that it is such a big secret because it is not hard to find me if you are interested.

Am I an angry guy?

Sometimes I am and often times with good reason but not always. Sometimes I get pissed off about te the foolish and trivial stuff we deal with.

Sometimes narishkeit sets me off, but not always. Often times there is meat behind my irritation and enough substance old Neville would have to concede I am right.

What Is Significant And What Is Not?

Some of the things that aggravate me will sound silly to some people just as some of what aggravates you seems ridiculous to me.

We may not agree on whether these things are significant and I am good with that. I rarely find a good reason to be concerned with that.

I am not good at winning popularity contests and very good at aggravating people. I prefer deep relationships to superficial and don’t need a ton of friends.

But I need a few, I need reliable and people who can go deep and not get worn out.

I want to say I have been this self aware and this comfortable with it for decades, but I don’t know if that is true nor do I see any advantage in trying to figure it out.

Those few regrets that stay with me are giant and the others not particularly noteworthy because I can’t go back even though I think about how to build time machines.


I am still pleasantly surprised by how some people fit like puzzle pieces and others connect with you like a magnet of the opposite polarity.

Did I mention I shared that once and was told to come up with something new so I said something about two people being like the same side of Velcro.

You’d think they’d connect, but they just don’t because they are too similar.

Don’t know that I like it, but I can work on it…maybe.

Life has also taught me to sometimes remember to pay attention to those whose feelings don’t seem significant or important to me.

If you want to move people from the post they straddle sometimes you need to appeal to that thing you think is useless.

And sometimes doing so is good because it demonstrates compassion and you discover that what they claim is significant isn’t what they believe, but it is what fear makes them think they do.

Had More To Say

I really did, er do but I just noticed the time and there is other stuff I have to do before it gets later.

Cuz there are some pretty big things going on that make me smile and get excited so I need to so stuff to keep that going.

Need to take a few moments to accept that even though I am waiting for the other shoe to drop it might not.

And need to take a few more minutes to read. I have a stack of books to go through and I don’t have enough time in the day.

Guess it is because I am so angry and apathetic. 🙂

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