The Greatest Kiss You Ever Got

If I told you I am listening to The Hollies Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) and how she said I gave her the greatest kiss she ever got you would wonder who I am referring to.

You’d try to figure it out and I’d say am not telling even though she kissed me first. Won’t say she has hair that is darker than the wall I am looking at and is old enough to vote.

Nor will I be more descriptive than I have seen her with her hair up and her hair down because a good writer doesn’t give away all the details.

No sir or is no ma’am.

Anyhoo, I took on the battle ropes and lost the battle again. They kicked my ass in far too short a time.

If I were a different kind of fella I wouldn’t keep coming back for another beating, but I am not that kind of guy.

I am the kind that says “I take this potch and I throw it away.”

I am the kind of guy that gets punched in the mouth and says it was a lucky shot and let’s see if they can do it again.

The Value Of Life Experience

I watched a video of an interview with the director of The Crown and smiled when he talked about the importance of using middle aged actors to play people of that age.

He said life experiences make you carry yourself differently and I agree with that.

I have noticed that I don’t always or move like I used to. Sometimes it takes a moment for my body to act as it should and for it not to resemble a question mark.

Have to stretch and turn a bit and then things loosen up and I find it behaving as expected.

But it doesn’t always start that way and I don’t sleep like I used to. I don’t wake up feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day with the same frequency as I used to.

There are more moments where I roll out of bed and wonder why a part of me aches or feels bruised because I don’t remember doing anything to it.


The radio portion of the opening of this video makes me smile cuz it reminds me of where I come from.

Truth is, I like the whole damn video and the song which leads me into the video below which I always liked, but at the moment the lyrics are a big part of what has me locked in.

Got a few stories locked inside my head or should I say more than a few. Got stuff going on and changes that have unlocked all sorts of stuff and now it is starting to spill out of me.

The gym frustrates me a bit because I can feel myself getting stronger and the clanking of iron is getting easier than it has been in years.

But the carving and body shaping doesn’t work as it once did and I haven’t figured out if it is all diet or a combination of diet and age.

Much is tied into the realization of what I have been dealing with and handling for the last three years.

It leaves me feeling a mix of rage and amazement but more than that I cannot say in this venue.

What I know is that I have had this giant rock that I have been chipping away and finally I have hit a point where maybe I can see the shape I have been trying to form materialize.

I suspect in a couple of years if not less I’ll look back at this and recognize it as the beginning or maybe the middle of the great shift that led to all the change.

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