Stirring It Up With A Bigger Spoon

The call I have been waiting for didn’t come and I didn’t go chasing after the person who was supposed to reach out and touch someone.

I’d like to say I didn’t think about it and that I viewed in the same terms as I think about other people but that is not true.

This isn’t the case of the shmata with the almost perfect fit that got lost in a tragic case of socks losing their companion in a dryer..

Took a moment consider it impassionately and objectively and confirmed there are legitimate reasons for it not coming that have nothing to do with me.

But didn’t forget it is me that we are talking about and I always remember how I am treated by others.

I don’t miss the digs, remarks and disrespect and while I may decide a strong response is unwarranted it doesn’t mean I will forget or ignore.

If the hayseed lawyer or hick from Arkansas chose to engage with me again I would provide them with an appropriate response.

I’m Sailing For Tomorrow

Slip back 14 or 15 years ago and I stop by my folks house to say hi to Grandpa Wilner. He tells me he is going to take a shower and flashes a smile.

I know why he is smiling because he is getting some assistance today from a woman who is a year or two younger than me.

I flash dad the kind of smile that makes my friends and family double check their wallets and confirm I haven’t pulled any shtick.

“Dad, do you think he is going to appreciate this. Grandpa says Viagra came out a few years too late for him.”

He laughs and tells me he won’t put anything past his father.

“You’re a little old for another younger sibling aren’t you.”

Dad shakes his head and gives me a pseudo glare.

“If nothing else grandpa has given me something to strive for. When I am 90 I want some thirty something giving me a shower.”

Before he can respond I tell him about a couple of things I am working on and talk about a couple of ideas for the future.

Funny thing is I might have just reached the place where those ideas can materialize…maybe.


It is a virtual certainty that I won’t meet the challenge dad issued to retire earlier than he did.

Were he hear he would readily admit he got lucky on some accounts and acknowledge that retirement packages such as he got aren’t part of an opportunity I am likely to ever see.

So unless I inherit or win a chunk of change there is no way I’ll say goodbye to the working world at 59.5 like he did, let alone earlier.

But I can see a path to getting there in less than the 20 years I sort of have marked out. It is hard to say for certain if it will work but I am not going to rule it out.

Nor will I rule out the possibility that I may choose to work for a number of year past my estimated retirement date.

I like to believe it is because I choose to and not because I have to, but that remains to be seen.

Fortune Favors The Bold & The Lucky

The keys on my Macbook are starting to breakdown due to a known issue that Apple is supposedly happy to fix.

Unfortunately the known issue wasn’t known prior to purchasing said computer a few years ago.

I haven’t taken the computer in yet because I have had so much to do I have been reluctant to be without it.

But I am getting tired of everything taking longer to type and do because things don’t work as they should.

It is the same with multiple other parts of my life–everything is harder than it should be and the time for making excuses or rationalizing how/why things are is about done.

I always find a way to adapt, adjust and overcome. I flex–but not for much longer.

Time has come to draw that line in the sand and respond in a new way.

I am stirring it up with a bigger spoon and seeing what happens. I am sailing for and into¬† the future and those who can’t deal, won’t help or drag their feet are going to be left behind.

Time has come to start the changes, they won’t all happen overnight but happen they will.

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