A Fever of 104.9

The pundits, experts and nudniks say that I ought to go see the doc cuz a fever of 104.9 isn’t normal and I tell them it is ok because I am not normal.

They say don’t be a tough guy and don’t a fool and I ask if it is ok if I am a foolish tough guy. They glare at me and I ask what happens if I am a fool who tries to be a tough guy.

Apparently it makes people nervous if your shiver and grunt even more than it does when you talk to yourself on the subway.

Told them not to worry ‘cuz I’ll wrap myself in old shmatas and blankets and sweat away the nonsense or beat the bugs that have attacked me with the Force.

I flipped a switch and watched the bookcase move to the left and walked into a dark hall that led to a fireman’s pole that took me into a North Texas version of the Batcave.

The funny thing is that there was no suit, Batmobile or Alfred to greet me but the damn Joker showed up.

Told him I am not one of those people who are scared of clowns but he didn’t care and so began the great battle.

Was smart enough to realize there was a little more than I can handle by myself and bid the bad guys adieu and took off running down the tunnel.

Was pleased to see I can still run a hell of a sprint and was less pleased to discover that I had run through a door to escape.

Ok, that is not entirely true, I wanted to see if I could still knock the thing off of the frame and hit it at full speed.

The door lost, but it took its revenge.

I Am Listening Ralphie

Took Mr. Emerson’s advice and am now sitting here wondering what the hell happened cuz things are moving at light speed and some big changes are in play.

Turned on Bowie and listened to the truth of the lyrics and thought about 17 years of history and all the twists and turns of a long and winding road.

The almost but not quite 19 year-old asked me a few questions about my plans and intentions and made me realize how very different circumstances and situations are.

I can do things again that I couldn’t do years ago and it is exciting but unsettling.

Standing in the hall I hear the echoes of my father telling me to remember things, some of which are unfit to print and others simple enough because fear of the unknown is always there.

The truth of his reassurance about not being afraid to take a chance echoing inside my head alongside my grandfather’s remarks about the ’94 earthquake.

“If I was still in my sixties this would be an adventure.”

I am nowhere close to sixty let alone sixties so this must be an adventure, but hell it would be a lot more enjoyable if I didn’t feel like five guys had worked me over with a baseball bat and their steel toed boots.

The lady I call mom will tell you that as a very young boy I had the sort of temperament that made me bang my head against the ground when I was angry.

Not a particularly smart or useful move other than proving that I understood at an early age that using rage could turn me into a toddler hulk.

There wasn’t much call or need for a toddler hulk back then but in my almost middle age years that particular skill has proven of some middling use.

Got me out of a few tough spots and got me into a few others but let’s not talk about that.

So we grab the Boss turn on No Surrender, Tunnel Of Love and pray that Thunder Road is a place we can visit and go about living life.

“So you’re scared and you’re thinking
That maybe we ain’t that young anymore
Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night”

Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen

We Had A Dream & An Idea

It is strange to hear and read about the fires in LA and realize that yet again I am no where near them.

My immediate family is protected but I have more than enough family and friends that are still in LA to be concerned.

Quite a few should be well away from the danger of the flames and that is good but it doesn’t cover everyone and that leaves some concerns.

Some of those legitimate and others less so but all come with the same practical use as the mattress tag  warning that says do not remove because it doesn’t matter whether you leave or cut it– there is no impact.

So play the music and think about dreams and ideas about what is and what could be.

Favorite songs lead to a momentary sense of peace and equilibrium because there is no point getting crazy about potential changes, especially those that could really make a positive impact.

Sunsets lead to new beginnings and possibilities same as the sunrise.

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