Sleeping With The Wrong Man

Mr. Shiner Bach is close at hand while Mr. Dylan sings Tangled Up in Blue and I stare off in the dark thinking about responding to a question with “You are sleeping with the wrong man.”

It went over better than you might expect but still wasn’t met with cheers and celebration but it wouldn’t stop me from saying it again.

Mind you it has been an age, spell and eon since that conversation took place but I have no reason to believe anything of significance has made the initial decision any better.

You might say it is not my life or my choice and I would agree with both but it doesn’t negate my opinion or mean that anyone needs to take it seriously.

In some cases I wouldn’t ever speak my mind but if I was asked, well I did and I would again but that is as much as I will say here as there boundaries in blogging.

Still this won’t stop some of you from inquiring about who and why so I’ll say don’t bother asking and promise if you do I’ll say they are my second and fifth wife or my third cousin five times removed.

The Best Brisket…Ever

Found a note to myself from September 2016 and laughed as I realize that I ignored my wishes and let September 2017, 2018 and 2019 go by without following through.

This isn’t baseball so those three strikes have no power here other than bearing witness to my having allowed four Septembers to pass before I made a pilgrimage to Cattleack BBQ.

Made it there today and might have had the best brisket I have ever eaten, certainly in the top three but could be number one.

I only wish it hadn’t been a work day and that I had time to really dig in and enjoy the experience.

So when I say it was outstanding I do so knowing I was distracted and busy as I ate. My mind was whirling at a million miles and I still stopped and thought about how incredible it was.

To me that is a sign of excellence.


I have reached a point in life where I find disappointing meals to be extra disturbing.

For example several people told me Bob’s was a great place to get a steak but my experience there left me wondering if I had hit it on an off night or if those who had recommended it should be trusted with future recommendations.

That meal was in 2017 and though I might consider going back there are so many other places to try I haven’t made it.

It is a funny time of life, where I play this and think it fits for so many reasons.

There is a Grandfather clock tick tockng away inside my head and it simultaneously calms and pushes me.

I am the most patient and restless I have ever been.


Hawaii and Jerusalem call to me for different reasons. I hear the echoes of those who have told me they would travel and or move there with me and I think about if and when.

Sometimes I hear the ocean inside my head and remember sitting on a catamaran watching dolphins and Humpback whales.

I remember putting on a mask and tank and gently swimming downward to a place where I could stop and watch.

Skin divers would take giant breaths and swim down towards me never lasting long and I would appreciate having a moment to really watch the creatures of the not so deep move by.

Move With A Purpose

Paul sings about getting out of here and giving it all away to a registered charity and I nod my head.

Sometimes I dream about winning the lottery and building or buying a castle that has been a part of my imagination forever.

A place where no one would sing about Joshua tearing down the walls of Jericho for obvious reasons and sometimes I think about how little I really have to have.

Give me the cash to travel when and as I wish or to just set and be and I can be happy.


Spent a little time checking in on some other older bloggers just to see what they had or had not been up to.

One is now divorced and it looks like recently remarried… I think. I could ask but it feels a bit outlandish to show up and inquire out of the blue.

I’d have to make a crack about his sports teams and he’d probably remind me I was once declared an enemy of the city. Not that it was official, it was just him and some chick. 🙂

Another blogger I hadn’t checked in on in maybe a decade wrote a bunch of posts about how the dolt in D.C. caused him to feel politically homeless as he can no longer consider himself part of the GOP.

These are days are they not, who we were is not who we are and it is yet to be determined who we shall be.

And there comes a revolution.

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