Your Medical Claim Is Approved

Slept on and off all damn day long which is rarely a recipe for feeling like I made good use of the weekend but I suppose it is sometimes necessary.

Got a cold that is waging war upon me and it has taken a little bit out of me. Took some Dayquil and thought about hitting the gym but decided it might be wise to drink a ton of fluids and rest a bit.

Didn’t drink nor rest as much as I probably should but I did refrain from hitting the gym. Got an email saying my medical claim has been approved and rolled my eyes.

Wasn’t the sort of thing that provides and calm and comfort to me because it makes me wonder if my provider is fully covered or if I am going to get another bill to cover whatever wasn’t covered.

It irks me sometimes to think about how much I pay for medical coverage, especially when I have to pay above and beyond premiums/deductibles.

Some say I ought to be grateful because I have good coverage and I am. I have been without and have paid the same as now for less.

But that doesn’t make me feel better, well maybe a little but still…

Another White Undershirt

Got another one of dad’s white undershirt’s on and a pair of boxers. Seated at the the head of the table I had to remind myself I ought to forego the beer or scotch cuz I’ll down some Nyquil so that I can sleep.

Don’t know why, but around 30 years ago the way I sneeze changed. Can’t tell you how or why, but when I sneeze it seems to involve my whole body.

The occasional achoo isn’t a big deal but multiple begin to take a toll upon me and sometimes cause a pinched nerve in my neck to declare war.

So the med helps reduce sneezing and reduces the likelihood of the nerve pretending it is reenacting the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Fortunately these colds tend to happen once or twice a year so this is not a common occurrence which makes me happy because they irk the hell out of me.

Music Break

To A Registered Charity

Telemarketer calls and asks if I can speak for a moment. I tell them it is kind of hard to hear because the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun.

“Um ok, can you tell me your name sir?”

“Call me Sailor Sam.”

“Ok..Sailor Sam. What do you do for a living?”

“I am part of a band on the run.”

“Oh, that sounds interesting.”

“Yeah, if I ever get out of here I am going to give it all away to a registered charity.”

“Wow, we are a registered charity.”

“Sorry, I haven’t gotten out of here and I haven’t gotten my pint a day.”

“Sir, why do I feel like I am missing something?”

“Everyone is missing something, but I can’t get into that now. Got no time to discuss a day in the life.”

I hang up because whatever motivation I had to engage in nonsense is gone. Can’t say what sucked it out of me, but it did and the moment is gone.


I am inside the garage, got a stack of boxes in front of a box that I want to get at because I suspect it has a notebook I have been searching for.

It’s dark and I haven’t the patience to do this properly. I hear the echo of my father’s voice telling me if I am going to do it I ought to do it right.

“Sorry dad, this time I am going to throw my weight around and make a few things happen.”

There is no response from inside my head or from the specters that wander under a blood red moon so put my shoulder into the top of the boxes and brace them with an arm so they don’t fall over.

It takes a moment but I feel them start to move and I wonder if there isn’t some way to monetize this.

“Fifty-year old man can push hundreds of pounds of books in your garage. Will not promise to do more to move them or guarantee you’ll be as impressed as he is that he can do this without everything falling over.”


Tomorrow I am going to drop the shoulder into the week and use blunt force to move it a half inch to the right.

Going to hook a steel cable to the bumper, wrap both hands around it and try to stop the truck or at least tear the bumper off.


Because the time for finesse has passed and the time of the caveman has come.

You miss every shot you don’t take and I’d rather fail and try than try to fail.

Good times for all.


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