When You Go Trolling…

Most men of my generation get excited and or smile when they hear this music because we remember thinking that we could figure out the secrets we saw on screen and make them our own.

Sometimes when I see clips from the movies that followed I watch the Force ghosts and wonder if maybe, just maybe I can connect with my own.

Maybe it is because I hear their voices calling out advice and comments and I wonder if maybe a guy like me who knows lightning can strike and turn life upside down might connect.

We don’t know everything and though it is easier to believe there’s nothing else there are moments and experiences that make me question and wonder.

I remember the days of a board and shmatas. The moments when many took on a few thinking they could outwit and outlast but never could or did.

Moments where I rediscovered some of the magic I had forgotten could be found. It was unexpected and a pleasant surprise.

It taught me about timing, taking chances and paying attention to opportunity.

Sometimes I think about it and let my mind go one direction and sometimes I go another and think about what happens when you go trolling.

Six Kids Or Four

A few of the lackeys and minions of the current administration challenged me to take them on and I told them I didn’t have time to wait for them to secure the necessary education and reading skills to communicate with me.

One told me if only I understood what it meant to be a mother I would understand.

I told her I didn’t need an education in parenting from a lady who was raising ferrets and weasels and assured her if my choices had been different I could have easily had four or maybe six kids.

My daughter used to tell me she definitely wanted sisters and I said you could wake up with two more and another brother or two.

She looked at me wide eyed and asked how I could just make that happen and then followed up with not needing any more brothers.

Her brother heard the latter part of the conversation and told me that I ought to remember girls were wicked creatures designed to torture boys and men.

I nodded my head and reminded him I know quite a bit about being the only brother in a house full of sisters.

He said I needed to think really hard about those times and I said there might be advantages to having sisters because they would ensure there would be lots of girls around and there might be benefits to that.

Not long ago I reminded him of this conversation and he asked me if I could imagine how much more hair would end up in the shower and I nodded my head.

“That is my hair,  your sister stole it from me. Have you noticed how thick her hair is. If she is losing any it is being magically removed from my head and replaced on hers.”

That earned me an eye roll and a comment that I was much funnier some years back.

“Dad, that joke is so old. I am not gluing or stapling any hear on your head.”

That made me laugh because I remember my then six or seven year-old daughter actively working on how to give her bald grandfather some hair.

Steak For Dinner

Two years ago that longhorn wandered off course and I wondered for a moment if my baby girl was going to see what happens when her father decides to play bodyguard.

I had a variety of ideas not the least of which was grabbing it by the horns and wrestling it to the ground.

Mind you I didn’t want to find out if the Wilner super strength would rise to the occasion of if I would be the guy who said he got his butt whipped by a longhorn.

There are more embarrassing ways to lose a fight but let’s be honest saying you lost to just one and not a huge stampede isn’t so cool.

Fortunately I used the Jedi skills long ago and caused the beastie to do the right thing and stay away.

Which also made my baby girl happy as I didn’t pick her up and throw her over a fence which would have made her unhappy.

OTOH, it is not particularly difficult for a parent to make a teenager angry or embarrassed. Heck, if your kid doesn’t call you creepy or embarrassing one might ask if you are really a parent.

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