Damn Your Love

Listened to a cover, album and a live version of The Chain and am torn about what music I am going to move to next.

Might be because I unexpectedly got tossed into a fire and am doing more than just dancing or maybe it is something else.

Could turn on Ray and grab some scotch or nod my head cuz Ringo is right, “It Don’t Come Easy.”

Saw someone falling down a hole and grabbed a hold of their arm and then when they started beating every part of me they could reach I realized they wanted to fall, but I wouldn’t and won’t let go.

Cue Oh Fortuna, and pray I don’t lose my grip because if I need to I will go over the side after them and all bets are off as to what happens then.


Maybe it is better to turn to Ray LaMontagne and some of his exquisite work.

He is relatively new to me and I have grown to very much appreciate what I have heard and read. Have taken to writing with him in the background and am waiting to see what comes of it.

Hear Me, See Me, Feel Me

Have taunted, threatened, berated and begged cancer, anxiety and depression to fight me.

Offered to do it with one hand tied behind my back or to do it on my knees but they refuse. Offered to make a deal with the devil to make it happen but that bastard refused to do so as well.

I’d like to say fear kept them from doing so because they know I cannot be defeated but heroes often fall and I am no hero, I am just an almost middle aged man with an overdeveloped sense of try again.


Got one hand holding onto the rail and the other wrapped in a jacket, fingers trying to tighten around the arm.

My eyes are locked upon the other and the battle of wills is raging but not for the right reasons. This isn’t the big, scary man, this is someone else.

Cue Roger.

Final Words

I heard about a domestic disturbance in Northridge and it caught my eye. Clicked on the link to confirm it was in California and read the news.

The names looked like they could be familiar, but upon reflection I decided I didn’t know them.

A short time later I came across the posts on Facebook talking about the shock they felt when they heard the news because they knew the people.

The more I saw/read the more I realize they might be familiar because it is not unlikely that I came across  them at one Jewish event or another.

And even if I didn’t, well enough people I know knew them for it to feel close. Add the weight of the day, the coming day and other incidents and it feels much closer to home than anyone would like.

“All in all it was just a brick in the wall.”

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