Are You Chasing A Dream Or A Nightmare?

Texas got two more Californians today, two of my fraternity brothers to be specific.

The guys swung by my house to pick up a couple of items I stored for them in my garage and asked if  was free for dinner.

I said no and told them we could look at the weekend or next week

“You have been here a while, what do you think about X, Y & Z?”

I smiled and told them the question you ask and eventually answer is are you chasing a dream or a nightmare.”

“Brother, that sounds like a country song.”

“Could be something just like this right?” I winked and we all laughed and resumed getting their stuff packed so they could drive to their new home.

It is kind of funny to me to think about how many of us ended up in Dallas, Austin or Houston.

Between all three cities I think I know a chunk of people from high school and college.
There are worst places to be, especially if you get stuck in some place that suffers with gray skies and or snow for far too much of the year.

What Do You Know

Bill & Ted’s old friend So Crates is a wise guy and I can’t say I completely disagree with him but I can’t say I completely agree either.

A few hours ago I went to a lecture I thought might be interesting. Wandered into the hall and found my usual solitary seat and sat back to listen to what was a relatively interesting talk.

The speaker took some questions from the collective group and then hung out long enough afterwards to mingle with the crowd and answer a few more questions.

I stood close by and was very interested to hear his response but never got to hear what he really thought because some loud mouth couldn’t refrain from talking over him and making inane comments that were stated as fact even though they were clearly opinion.

For a moment I thought about asking them to suck on some hard candy I had on hand or alternatively would have given them something chewy with the hope they would have been unable to speak, but I failed to see anything appropriate.

It was too bad because I am certain they lack awareness of their rude behavior and saying something would have created an issue I had no interest in dealing with.

Especially given my irritation about the long day and 10,000 other things going on now. Truth is I am not sure I could have said anything without an edge in my voice.


The guys and I are standing in my front yard and I ask them if they happen to have brought a lawn mower in the trailer.

They nod their head and I tell them about how my gardener has disappeared.

“You probably have access to many more right?”

“Yeah, lawns are a big deal. There are all sorts of services.”

“After three years you probably have most things down, has to be easier than that first year.”

I laugh and tell them it is and talk about slipping on the stairs and dislocating my finger.

“That was a harder time for sure. It was only me. I had to drive myself to urgent care. I remember thinking I was lucky that nothing worse happened because there wasn’t anyone to call. Wasn’t like being in LA and having a hundred options.

Self sufficiency is a big deal with Texans and I got to prove I am a big boy now.”

Funny thing is I remember dad asking how I got to urgent care. I didn’t call the folks until after everything was taken care of, no point in upsetting them when they couldn’t have done anything.

Dad still told me he would have driven me. I said it might have made me wait longer than I wanted and he said that is what ice is for.

Alone On A Bench

There was a nice trail near my old place that I walked almost every day that first year. I used to sit alone on the bench and watch the sun go down, but rarely watched it rise.

Used to sit there and think about all the things that had taken me from where I was, where I expected to be and had brought me to this moment.

Wondered what the outcome would be and if I would be happy with it.

A million people had told me their own thoughts and ideas along the way. A million people had told me everything happens for a reason or that nothing happens for any reason not made by man.

And then there were those who seemed to try and straddle both fences by saying some things happened for a reason and some things happened just because.

I remember going through some old emails while sitting on the bench and coming across a rejection note from a prospective employer.

It was the usual thank you for your time but we are going a different direction.

The moment sticks out because I muttered something about them showing very poor judgment and how if they couldn’t see the proven benefits I offered it was their problem.

Apparently someone was close by and heard me mutter this.

As they walked by they smiled and said that the prospective employer had clearly made a big mistake because I obviously had much to offer.

Can’t tell you whether they were being sarcastic or sincere, but I do remember laughing and then saying I was done.

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