Living In The Land Of Idiots

Either the WordPress App keeps trying to upload an old post or a poltergeist has taken an interest in my blog because there is an ongoing issue.

I could blame it upon Satan and reference telling a girl there is no spitting other than tobacco but that might lead into strange places and spaces that I don’t feel like dealing with now.

It is too hard trying to keep up with the denizens of lollipop land who have broken the locks on their cells and are running throughout the countryside forcing us to admit we now live in a land of idiots.

Fools who refuse to admit they were taken in by a conman and so they let the Chief Hornswoggler continue to lie, cheat and steal on their behalf.

Don’t tell them they have been bamboozled because they will lie to themselves and to you to prove it is not true.

Doesn’t matter if you hold a mirror to their face so they can watch themselves sputter and spew angry words when you demand they use fact to support their claims.

A few of them have woken up and realized the man didn’t put a condom on as promised but most believe his lies because their egos won’t let them admit he grabbed their heads with two hands and didn’t let go.

Biological Warfare

It is kind of see me chastise others for their stupidity when I took two scoops of ice cream this evening knowing there is a good chance it will wreck me for a while.

I could kid around and say I am preparing to engage in biological warfare or say I decided to hurt myself because my sweet tooth acted up.

Sometimes you reference blood in the water for sharks and sometimes it is for other reasons.

Thing is I am fired up about a handful of things and trying to channel my energy in a appropriate way.

Wrote in a few places in very graphic and specific terms because I am finding it more challenging to hold back about some things.

Seems ridiculous and silly, but then again I ask myself why bother chasing the nonsense and engaging with the blimps of bullshit.

I will confess I tore into a few people in a way I haven’t done in a long while and it felt good. Can’t decide if it was because I just needed to vomit out the poison or if there was something else.

Maybe it is tied into dad’s yahrtzheit or maybe it is something else entirely.

Short Or Long Story

I went through some old files and came across some emails from 2006-07 and remembered some ideas, thoughts and promises.

Thought about which could and or should be brought into the present and what should be left in the historical archives and remembered an idea for a story.

Been mulling over whether to put it down upon paper and if it should be a short or long story but haven’t come to a conclusion yet.

Worked my arms until they ached last night and pushed them again today and am impressed I am here at the computer.

Haven’t gone that hard on bi’s and tri’s in an age and a day. For a moment I could see the ghostly outline of how they used to work and realized I can probably get them back.

It is not going to be easy, but I can do it.

The biggest question really isn’t can I do it, but should I.

Do I really want/need them to look like I am 25 again. If it is based solely upon almost middle aged vanity the answer is yes.

But if we take that out of the equation the real question is how hard will I need to work and is it really worth it.

The funny thing is there is a long and a short story that I can use to answer this. But neither will appear in this particular chapter.

Life In The Land Of Idiots

One of the problems with living in the land of idiots during a time in which facts and science are unimportant to people is this sense that I need to be more vigilant about maintaining my physical strength.


Because there are idiots out there who are interested in using violence to enforce particular ideas and beliefs upon others and being able to push back with fact is good but so is being able to defenestrate people.

The fear of loss of strength is probably more specific to men and particularly me, but I know who I am and who I am not.

Love me or don’t. This is who I am.

Don’t think this particular piece is sound or particularly good so I am going to wrap it up but before I do I want to point out again how much I like Prince on the guitar.

I didn’t like all of his music, but I have great appreciation for his talent and how he uses his guitar in this particular piece.

He helps take this song and make it live again.

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