Confession: A List Of Things & People I Love

Trump supporter called me a Marxist and said I don’t love anyone, anything or the country.

I told him I like arguing with dummies who don’t understand what a Marxist is or isn’t and why it might be an insult or a compliment.

Said I have love for people on both coasts and even a few in the Midwest but that he wasn’t one of them because he tears the tags off of his mattresses and I can’t trust someone who flagrantly violates written instruction and is likely to use their teeth.

He told me I must think I am pretty smart and I said the tests prove it, I was part of the gifted program in elementary school and was asked to join the honors program in college.

All true, no hyperbole–not that I think any of those things are truly indicative of intelligence or success because I don’t give fuck, crap or rat’s ass about grades or test scores.

I care about action and things that are provable with one exception and we won’t delve into that one because it is a rabbit hole I don’t feel like running down because I am fired up.

And if I was challenged on it I might respond in an aggressive fashion such as not seen by the President Emeritus of the Earl Warren Fan club since the Hamilton/Luilu affair of 2006.

That was one hell of a moment and there is a reason why the records have been sealed but it still makes me sad to know the bards may not sing of it for some years to come.

Positive Affirmation

I received the first positive affirmation I have gotten in months from a particular person today and I issued an authentic barbaric yawp.

Because I have been trying to turn the Titanic for quite some time because I have seen the damn iceberg in the distance.

Today I got confirmation the ship has moved a little bit and though there is a long way to go there was no choice but to revisit my uncivilized barbarian roots and issue a war cry.

You can tell yourself you are the baddest motherfucker in the valley a million times but when you live off of actions you have to look at provable as well as faith.

It is really too bad the old man isn’t here because he would appreciate this moment as much as anyone.

I have slammed into the wall with all I have got repeatedly. I have bloodied my knuckles and broken bones trying to make things happen.

When everyone and everything said quit or change I refused because I saw the light in the lighthouse and couldn’t help but try just for a little bit longer

It still might be for naught and I might fail but if I do I will know I did everything I possibly could with little to no support.

If it works I still won’t be a hero, but I’ll have a sense of accomplishment and if it doesn’t, well I am known for being the scary man who fights sharks, tigers, lions, gorillas and the occasional windmill.


Sometimes I forget how many people I know from LA that ended up here in Texas or show up to visit.

Ran into a guy from high school at a local Costco who moved here a year ago and then saw a couple fraternity brothers were thinking about moving to town.

Later this week I am supposed to grab lunch with a couple of girls who were on the swim team with me and graduated same year.

Actually one of them went to kindergarten with me and grew up around the corner which I suppose means we have known each other for 45 years.

We went to the same college so with the exception of a few years of middle school we were in school together, that is the 70s, 80s and a hair of the 90s.

Damn, we sound old.

What Will Happen?

Someone will ask if the headline was clickbait 0r if I intend to provide a list and the answer is I don’t know.

Which is to say it wasn’t clickbait but I don’t know if I will provide a list though it would be easy for me to.

I am not afraid to say the words or share them but I am also not someone who needs to shout them either.

If you are on the list you probably know it and if you are not, well maybe you never were or never will be. Ideally that isn’t something you agonize over but maybe you do.

I have been known to agonize over a few things which has been good for writing but I don’t recommend it as a course of action.

Though I ought to mention I have had conversations with people about falling in and out of love and if that means that love dies or evolves.

Without going deep on that the consensus seems to be we change a bit as we get older and gather more experience.

I have heard more than once that people have come to the conclusion that sometimes love isn’t enough to overcome the challenges that people encounter.

But I have also heard the opposite so I leave it to the reader to decide whether either is true or false or if the answer lies in between.

As for me, I need to to attend to my inner barbarian and go fight a few other battles. I can still swing the broadsword as fast and hard as ever but if I don’t stretch I end up paying for it.

Aging sucks sometimes.

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