Can You Remember Who I Was?

Sometimes there are people who remember the discussions about the castles we might build or one day occupy.

People who walk one road to set them free and find they have gone the wrong direction or so the poet sings.

I don’t ask if they can remember who I was because they darn well can’t forget and the reason is immaterial to me because some things just are.

Water is wet, the sky is blue and I am still lactose intolerant and if that isn’t the most romantic thing you have ever heard you ought to stick around.

I could go deeper and put out something to pluck heartstrings and remind a gentle soul of a touch they haven’t felt in a long while but still remember.

But what fun would that be on a warm summer night when a cold is doing battle with my almost middle aged body.

I don’t feel right, but I don’t feel entirely wrong either. Thought about resting and couldn’t hold still so I hit the gym and put in a shorter workout.

But I went harder than normal and huffed and puffed my way through 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Had one hell of a sweaty shirt on and so I left the joint feeling like I did something.

Maybe I Should Have Been A Druid

Sometimes I see pictures of Stonehenge and get this funny feeling in my gut that I can’t explain. I always figure I’ll visit and see if the same thing happens in person or if nothing happens.

Missed going by during my last trip to the UK, so maybe it will happen during the next. Got to buy a castle or take one over for no reason than just because.

Got a bunch of movie clips floating through my head and ideas for stories I ought to write but haven’t yet.

One quote keeps popping into my head.

Sometimes you choose to give up being Moonlight Graham and sometimes you figure out a way to do both or at least come up with a compromise that works for you.


A couple of people have come at me with comments about it being time I get serious, grow up and or recognize where reality and fantasy meet.

I didn’t give them more than a moment to try their “I am cold, you ought to wear a sweater” routine on me because I don’t need their negativity.

Don’t need or want their fear.

When people say you can’t do something it is not necessarily about you, it is often about them and their self limitations.

I know where mine are and where they aren’t.

And yes, I know I have a very colorful and active imagination but I am ok with it. I am willing to live with the consequences of the actions I take.

Can you remember who I was is more of a rhetorical question than anything else. The question isn’t so much do you remember but are you prepared for who I am/you are becoming.

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