The Salacious & Sinful Signs Of Simple Simon

I am a 50 year-old man who is struggling with some of the gifts that have been given to me courtesy of the mileage I have put on this magic instrument we call a body.

My mornings are punctuated with wondering a series of me flip flopping my way off of the bed as I wonder if the mystery aches and pains are because it is time to buy a new mattress or if I slept funny.

As I move from a half curl to a full stretch and point my toes I wonder how much of it is due to the workout from the night before and whether I ought to modify my workout.

That is never well received by me, this idea that I can’t power through the nicks and pains to put together the kind of sweaty moments that make me feel alive.

Because it is rare that I can’t power through and push past whatever pain exists.

I have done it a million times except I have noticed that when I do it now some of the aches refuse to disappear in a day or so as they once did.

So I try to compromise and make a few changes that make it easy to do my nightly constitutional at the gym.

The Salacious & Sinful Signs Of Simple Simon

There is no rhyme nor reason for the headline for this post other than I was playing around with some words and wondered if this combination would attract more readers.

Discovered a short while ago that a couple of things that have been going on might be side effects of a prescription the doc gave me a while back.

Been trying to figure out when some of these things started so that I can better determine if there is a correlation between them and the mystery drug.

No, it is not heroin or meth, I don’t take those, never have but I have thought about becoming Heisenberg but that is a different story.

Cue distraction and digression.

Ok, I am not the one who knocks but sometimes it is fun to dream of making millions and doing whatever the hell you want.

Of course I am also the guy who thinks it might be interesting to buy a ship and sail from here to there and then there to somewhere else.

It is kind of a funny contradiction because I am homebody in many ways. I like building a comfortable cave and hanging out there but I also have a bad case of wanderlust and can just take off and go.

I think about it sometimes…just going.

Go to work one day and then the next start going to that somewhere else just to see what is there and what is interesting.

Adventures await and you don’t have to go very far to find them. You just have to walk out the door and follow your feet.

Sometimes I think about doing that sooner than later because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Today I can curl 40 pounds in each arm and walk for miles. Today I can carry significant amounts of weight and do things that I might not be able to do tomorrow.

Except what I can do today doesn’t compare very well to what I used to be able to do. Maybe I can get that back or come close, but maybe I can’t.

Maybe that aforementioned mileage has taken too much out of me to get back to where I wish to be.

Maybe instead of hoping and wishing that the hard work will yield certain results it is time to just go with what we have because life refuses to provide warranties and guarantees.

I Broke The Blog…Again

This place is broken, at least as of Thursday night June 20, but it might not be broken when you read this.

I might have fixed it by then, whenever then is. You never know, I have been destroyed and fixed me, so why not a simple blog.

That’s blog and not post.

A blog refers to the whole and the post refers to a part. You write posts for a blog, not blogs for a post.

Two weeks ago or maybe two years ago I had a nightmare. It wasn’t the first nor will it be the last I have had.

It stands out because I was fighting someone and I flung myself out of bed.

I woke up as I was airborne and realized something wasn’t quite right. The good news was that I hadn’t jumped out of a window to get away from a fight I was losing.

The bad news was I couldn’t go back to sleep and kick the monster/person’s ass because upon seeing sunlight I realized what needed to be done to slay the beast.

He/it ought to thank me for not giving it the beating it deserved. Same thing for dad’s cancer.

I told it that if it would extricate itself from my dad I would fight it. Gave it a choice of fighting me on land, sea or air.

“Cancer you pussy, fight me.”

Sadly I couldn’t bully it into needing to defend its honor nor badger it so badly it had to give in. That is too bad, I would have enjoyed kicking its ass. Might have done it twice for good measure.

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