Quit Fooling With The Fools

The old man would ask why I am engaged with the Kool-Aid drinking, poorly educated and willfully blind when I could be writing the story of two souls and I’d smile and answer.

He’d shake his head and say to “quit fooling with the fools” and say something about wasting time. I’d say it is my time to waste and then the dance would begin anew.

Sometimes he’d glare at me and I’d tell him I read a piece about astrological signs that said the smart Virgo listened to their Taurus.

Most of the time he’d keep glaring and I’d add how I accidentally forgot to mention the piece said the smart Virgo woman should listen to her Taurus man.

“Don’t worry dad, you are a handsome fellow but one hell of an ugly woman. I’d never try to kiss a drag queen.”

For those who didn’t know dad let me confess I was probably 37 or so before I would say that to him. I was pretty fearless as a kid/teen but not stupid. 😉

Quit Fooling With The Fools

Our buddy Mr. Mueller has turned in his report and there is an electric undercurrent online that has people jumping with hope and or dread.

I have my suspicions about what will be revealed and what won’t but you won’t find them here.  I spent that energy trolling a few folks who deserved my special attention ‘cuz they drew first blood.

They looked at comments I left in a few places and tagged me in their responses and then I tagged back…hard and fast.

In some cases it was the classic Jack style that those Shmata Queens recall from past lives and other husbands.

But time moves, twists and changes us so I chose not to continue not solely because it started to bore me but because I hear the tick tock of the clock like never before.

Time is too valuable to waste it fooling with the fools, at least tonight it is.

But given medical scares and miscellaneous sides of minutiae a man might choose to go a different direction.’

So there are new tags out there that I am ignoring ‘cuz I don’t care if they think the lack of response is ‘cuz they got the best of me.

Let them think what they want, I’ll lose no sleep over it.

They support a man who walked into a morgue and unsuccessfully tried to kick the ass of three corpses and a one armed naked department store mannequin.

Pinatas and People

I ought to tell you the untold story about how the same man who lost to the corpses once tried to fight a pinata.

This gutless and classless man was wandering through a party store when he bumped into a papier-mache donkey that had just been filled with candy.

Gutless and classless isn’t particular coordinated so when his portly self struck the kid’s toy he immediately lashed out at it. He took a mighty blow at the head and sent the jackass swinging.

Ever so proud of himself he turned around to crow about it to the crowd he was certain must be watching.

“Did you see what I did? I didn’t want to, but it struck me and we must strike ba…ACK!”

We’re pretty certain he meant to say ‘back’ with a flourish and not yelp ‘ACK’ but his plan was foiled by his inattention to simple details.

If you strike an object that is tethered to the ceiling by a rope the laws of physics dictate it will move one direction and then come back towards you.

If gutless and classless hadn’t been so busy tooting his horn he would have seen its return arc and easily stepped aside.

Instead he took a solid shot in the back and went sprawling face first.

The YouTube crowd loved it and made sure he was forever immortalized, but that took some doing.


Because gutless and classless was shown in a bad light so the members of his cult worked hard to make up excuses for his fall and even falsely claimed an elderly lady was the architect of the assault.

“She did it. She pushed the pinata. She has a history of assaulting people with pinatas.”

They repeated it ad nauseum though there was no proof of her having been there or having done such things. And that nonsense my friends continues to this day.

You don’t have to go far or listen hard to hear “But her pinatas” as an excuse for ignoring the bad behavior/policies of gutless and classless.

The Giant Roller Coaster

The evening grows later and it is easy to get lost in the words and the music.

It doesn’t take much to entertain the teenage girl who watches you sing so you ham it up a little bit.

Why don’t you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you
(let somebody love you)
You better let somebody love you
Before it’s too late

Life is one giant fucking roller coaster… as if this week hasn’t illustrated that point again in multiple ways.

Hope we passed the loop-de-loop cuz I need a vacation.

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