That Time Mickey Mouse Walked In On Me…

Sometimes the Facebook feed provides a steady diet of news and misinformation that ought to be labeled “Electronic Hemlock” cuz it is poisonous.

It is an intravenous dose of negativity that makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to go for a swim in a sea of sewage and sometimes it is the exact opposite.

A double dose of hope, inspiration and a fountain of fond memories which might be stimulated by reading status updates and looking at pictures of people traveling across Southern California.

Most of you don’t know about the time when Mickey Mouse walked in and broke character with a “Oh, I see that you are busy” remark that almost caused a ‘mohel moment.’

If you are related to me I strongly urge you not to think about it or wonder who was involved especially because you don’t know the story of the Petting Zoo and that will really set your hair on fire, but I digress.

What Me Worry

The kids don’t understand why I sometimes tell telemarketers my name is Alfred E. Neuman or why “What Me Worry” brings a smile to my face.

They don’t know that as my half century birthday approaches I wrestle with when I am going to have to say I am middle age or that sometimes I go over the list of things I haven’t accomplished.

You might say it is backwards and that I ought to focus on what I have and I’d say I can come up with the list of accomplishments. I can tell you what I have and that is why I am looking at what I haven’t.

Sure, there are moments where it has a more negative focus because I am human and frustration runs through my veins. It is easy to get irritated that I haven’t focused on getting myself in shape for the Ironman as I had always planned.

It is easy to get irked that I probably have 15-20 years left of full time work not because I choose to, but because I have to.

So I make the list and try to focus on what I need versus what I want ‘cuz life is about choices.

Did Johnny want or need June?

Did I need to eat a small piece of fudge and a small piece of pie?

I can answer the second question by telling you I spent more time on the treadmill, lifting weights and this elliptical machine that had me huffing and puffing like the wolf chasing the pigs.

By the time I finished on that machine I understood how the wolf felt when he tried to blow down the brick house, but I digress.


A certain teenager caught the look on my face and took three steps backwards as I imagine I must have done once upon a time.

That led to a pause where I burned a hole in ceiling while considering whether I ought to go share a couple thoughts with them.

A moment where I tried to figure out whether dad’s words would be inspirational, motivational and transformational or just cause a bigger issue.

I chose silence because I didn’t think the message would be heard and understood so silence seemed to be a better option than confrontation.

That’s not easy because I fear the impact of sitting back and watching will lead to an issue. Yet I fear that in this case the confrontation will create a bigger hole to climb out of.

So I do my best and make like Alfred E. Neuman…what me worry.

Maybe not at all and maybe way too much.

The dude knows how to skate on the edge of insanity and figures if he fell over the side he’d find his wings before he hit the ground.


A Musical Ending

Sometimes words find their way upon the page and sometimes music leads us where we want to go. Today we make up the rules as we go along.

Seven Bridges Road– The Eagles

Folsom Prison Blues– Johnny Cash

Another Tricky Day– The Who

Band On The Run– Paul McCartney and Wings

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