Seven Minutes Of Free Writing

Gave myself seven minutes to write whatever comes to mind so is it a surprise that I think back upon seven minutes in heaven.

Or am I really thinking more about the days in which we played Truth Or Dare. Maybe I am thinking about how I don’t really want to play such games now, but there are people who I’d ask Truth and skip the dare.

Maybe I am wondering about parenting questions and thinking about how we can’t ever go back and how very badly I want to.

Or maybe I am thinking about Ring of Fire, Burning Love and wondering how I am going to get a few major work things done.

I am pretty damn good in crunch time but heroes fail and I am not a hero. I am just a regular Joe who thinks about putting on a mask or cape and running into the burning building.

N0t because I am brave, but because I have a double dose of crazy and a belief that I am semi invulnerable. It is not based upon any one thing.

But I have survived mud slides, riots, forest fires and earthquakes, not to mention Brussels Sprouts, Liver and Onions.

Lightning Strikes

Sometimes all we really want to do is spend time with people who fill our hearts and elevate our souls. Sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Do we recognize who we do that for and who does that for us?

I don’t know.

Sometimes I think about whether I ought to focus on publishing in places like Medium where supposedly more people will get exposure to these words.

Will they like it?

Will they care?

Will the right people see it?

There are no answers without walking through certain doors and experiencing certain events.

All you get are questions.

Times Up.

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