Are We Too Blind To See?

I couldn’t decide what headline to use on this post and then this song came on and I realized it is/was perfect for this.

It has been a hell of a day, the kind of roller-coaster ride in which you are surprised by an unexpected reward and then blindsided by a moment that pinballs around inside your head for hours.

Because you think you know somethings about this and that and you expect that A will lead to B and that will take you to C, except experience has proven you might be wrong.

You promise not to over analyze it and go to the place deep inside the well of the soul and offer to sit in silence or engage in penance if it will provide clarity.

Intermixed in it you wonder who is reading this and if they got anything out of it because it feels like someone should, but unless you ask and receive an answer all you have is supposition and theory.

Something feels off and out of place and you wonder if you pulled an ethereal verterbate, got an online divorce or if maybe you are confused because you are still sleeping.

You never know, that full moon plays tricks on us all, it does.

Are we too blind to see.

Is It A Chicken Or A Rooster?

It wasn’t uncommon for me to see farms and all sorts of agriculture in California. More than a few people have told me they are surprised to hear this.

Sometimes I ask them if they are aware that California generates more than $40 billion to the state economy and then watch them try to process that.

Due to where I live and some aspects of my profession I see more ranches and farms here than I did in LA. It is still fun for me to see the horses, longhorns and buffalo, but none of that means I know enough to distinguish between a rooster and a hen.

I could give you a smartass answer and maybe even have made you snort or guffaw but I don’t have time to think about it and so any laughter you gain from this will come because the words flowed freely on the spot.

And if they don’t, well I don’t hit home runs or swish three pointers every time I get the ball. Don’t score on every date of knock over every milk can at the fair.

But you miss every shot you don’t take and so I try to reach out of my comfort zone and go for it…sometimes.


Someone on Facebook asked for comments about the coming release of the Mueller report and said they were certain it wouldn’t show anything of substance.

“It is going to be a big bust.”

A few people pushed back and asked sarcastically about whether the original author was clairvoyant or had access to an early release.

When they asked me what I thought I said I was certain POTUS is as innocent as OJ.

I don’t know what is in the report and I can’t say that it is going to provide conclusive and damning evidence of the things people hope will be in there but I am certain of a few things.

Corruption and willful intent to break the law,

I am also certain that I believe you can be guilty and get away with it because the law can’t prove your guilt to the extent required for a conviction.

More than a few people have said they think I am crazy and that we ought to withhold judgment before saying such things. They have accused me of being biased and a hater and they may all have a point.

They may be exactly right but it doesn’t mean I am wrong or prove that where there is smoke there is no fire.

It is not a question to me of if he is dirty but of what.

Not a question t0 me that others in office have been guilty of other crimes too but that is not reason not to prosecute and to do what we have to do to protect the Republic.

Though I typically scoff at offering thoughts and prayers as tools for improving situations, circumstances and life I offer mine now with the goal that whatever happens doesn’t tear us apart any more than we already torn.

Choices Upon Choices

The situation from earlier is weighing upon me as is another. I wrestle with options.

Distraction and disruption pull me away and I discover a strange visitor in the stats upon a post I wouldn’t expect to find them. There was a time when I would have defined it as a sign and part of me wonders.

Because in a world of science magic still exists and there is reason to believe maybe the storm has found its way there to help get me to look once again.

And then again there is ample reason for me to shake my head and call it coincidence.

The funny thing is it can be coincidence or it can be sign and I am just as comfortable because that will work out as it will work out.

My bigger concern is trying to figure out what to do about the other situation because it feels far more uncertain and volatile. I have done my best with both and will attempt to accept that is all I can do.

But damn, what a day it has been.

Are we too blind to see.

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