About The Flowers You Didn’t Get & The Card

We haven’t spoken much recently and were it a different time I might say it is time to listen to Angie but not today, not now.

Now, I would say Young Turks or Born to Run.

Maybe I’d pull my usual line about whether love is wild and whether it is real but more likely I’d go for “Someday girl I don’t know when
We’re gonna get to that place.”

You’d take a moment to try to figure out if I meant it be understood as the obvious meaning and if I said it was more general you might roll your eyes and sigh.

Because I do believe we are going to get to that place but whether it means personal happiness and individual satisfaction that comes from achieving the goals we set or is something more romantic is a different question now isn’t it.

On a Valentine’s Day where I won’t write about the flowers you didn’t get or the card anything is possible or is it impossible.

About The Things We Can’t Do

Somewhere in between Plano and Keller Sirius played Love The One You Are With and I wondered if it came from an algorithm or some executive’s personal experience.

A number of things have happened during the past two weeks or so that have made me move from mild irritation to very angry at times. Most have nothing to do with anyone in particular but some do.

Some are tied into repeated actions by particular people and I have come to see them as patterns of behavior. Unacceptable patterns and I have taken significant steps to try and prevent those people from being able to repeat such things.

The frustrating part is knowing my best efforts may not be good enough to prevent repetition but I have taken solace in knowing that in a few cases what once was will never be again.

Echoes of the elder men in my life float up from the crevices and caves within my head and suggest I ought not let such minor things bother me.

They demand I take heed and I shake them off because the dead hold no sway over the living. Their best advice rings hollow in the sunlight and I ask them to remember the strength and weaknesses of the living.

I can’t ignore nor discount some of the current events. Can’t pretend nor shrug off the moment because faith and experience says I will always come through the storm.

It is not a moment of logic but of emotion and feeling.

Anger is appropriate.

You can be angry with those you love.

You can be furious and blame them for things they might not always deserve especially when you know it will pass and they will still be there.

The truths we thought we knew sometimes change and those we weren’t aware often replace them without warning and it is only our willingness to accept that allows them free admission.

But free or not is of no consequence when you face the puzzle pieces that light the entrance to your heart and circle your soul.

Some people change your life and some life changes your people.

It Is Not Right Or Wrong

If you haven’t read the prior two posts you might want to do so. I don’t know if you’ll get anything out of them or determine them to be harum scarum pieces of drek,

I keep finding myself in the midst of online scrums with naive millenials who attack their own because they think you can determine virtue by siding with the weak against the strong.

It makes them feel good to think they are standing with those who are oppressed even though it is rarely as black and white as they wish it would be.

When opportunistic morons who masquerade as leaders take sides they automatically assume whatever side he chooses has to be evil not recognizing the need to look beyond opposing everything he does without confirming it requires opposition.


Because sometimes shit happens and the King of the Shit Stirrers picks this moment to help your people and the smarter move isn’t to make things worse for your side by lending support to adversaries because you hate the KOSS.

If you hang on a moment the gnat like attention span will require KOSS to turn his foul gaze else where anyway.

So I end up wasting time fighting with the foolish, the naive and the stupid.

Sometimes I justify it by saying it is a way to blow off steam or by saying maybe I’ll convince a few independents.

I believe both to be true, but neither really carries enough weight to excuse the time or do they.

Time keeps ticking and I keep wondering where it is taking me.

The scale says there is less and the last blood test shows me one step farther from the needle but the need to push harder never leaves my mind.

Intermixed is confidence that comes from unknown shores that all is going to work out and that my efforts will be rewarded. I don’t know if it is true in all areas but I did get notice today that in one it appears it just might be.

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