Wrestling With Pegasus

Turn on the music, listen to Bradley sing and think about how my friend said he saw him at a local restaurant.

Don’t hear those kinds of stories in Texas and if I did I wonder if it would be said with the same matter-of-fact attitude.

It happens here and most of us don’t care but when you are talking about the last dozen movies you saw sometimes that is the kind of silliness you share/here.

A week ago I was given a new challenge to take on.

Someone had captured Pegasus and looped a rope around the steed’s neck and then asked me to keep him upon the ground.

You might ask yourself how I thought I could do so after all your average horse should be far stronger than a man who technically isn’t quite in a his physical prime anymore.

But if you accept the premise that the horse had wings you can also accept that said man might have hidden abilities or resources he can call upon.

Or if it suits you better you can change Pegasus into an angel and say that I was given the charge to wrestle with said angel.

Must You Play With Pablo

They ask if I have to play with Pablo and wonder if there isn’t another man whose words I can share. I nod my head and offer a slew of others and then spend a few moments picking apart Marlowe’s Passionate Shepherd.

The Shepherds’ Swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May-morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me, and be my love.

This section here might be the keystone of an arch, an unspoken question about promises that once were binding but are not any longer.

One could move from the words upon the page to other music and offer it as a supplement to the unspoken question or suggest it is a possible placeholder to positions possibly posed at some point in the future.

You could look upon such a thing as an unveiling of a true desire/idea or just a sparkling object whose flash in the dark corner catches your eye…perhaps.

Maybe if I ever had occasion to have spoken with Jimmy Webb I would have asked him a question about this particular piece to gather more insight as to what he was going for…maybe.

If you want the most honest answer I can give I will say I hear the singing in the wires and that I know I can be heard too.

I’ll say that I know there is a general sense of relief that comes when you discover the ache that never seemed to disappear has made like Houdini and disappeared.

Is it because of Ibuprofen, destiny or the countless hours of stretching for Yoga?

Maybe yes to all or maybe no.

Smarter men than I have tried to answer such a question. I do not ask for answers, I just accept the relief for now and continue to wrestle with the angel.

A Different Way Of Doing Things

On the verge of the new year there are several things I know for certain and many more questions I cannot answer nor predict the answers to.

So now I hold myself to doing some things differently than in the past. A new approach with the idea that they will present a superior ending to what has taken place in the past.

A push for the kind of naked honesty that led to the pristine palaces that provide purpose and understanding at a level most can’t get to.

Perhaps that sounds like authentic frontier gibberish to some but I know it to be part of a reality people wish they could get to.

Not all can.

I have, I am and I hope to maintain.

Some fires burn bright and the best thing you can do is enjoy, appreciate and live in the moment because you know not what the future holds.

Submit, accept and celebrate.

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