Is It A Concussion?

My old man is/was famous for having a hard head both literally and figuratively so it stands to reason I might also have the same.

I never expected to be put to the task of proving it by getting hit with a steel bar, but I was and I suppose I did…prove it.

It was the lat pull par and it fell about 2.5 feet before it landed upon my head. One of the guys who saw it happened said he expected me to be knocked down and was surprised when I rubbed the top of my skull and turned.

The turn  came because I thought someone had hit me and I was trying to figure out who and why, especially as it was hard enough not to seem playful.

Given that none of the fellas were hanging at the gym with me I was especially perplexed by who would feel comfortable enough to smack me like that and mildly curious if some stranger had taken a swing.

Is It A Concussion?

Two hours later I am here listening to the Witchita Lineman having taken two Ibuprofen just in case I get a headache wondering is it a concussion?

I don’t really think so as I know who I am, where I am and can still make fun of Cleveland, or bad mouth liver and onions without effort.

Since I am not a doc and don’t play one on television I can’t tell you precisely what constitutes a concussion but I believe that any time you get smacked in the head you get concussed.

Let’s hope that I am correct and there is nothing more serious than a minor annoyance because I haven’t the patience nor bandwith for more shit.

Got plenty with kids, work and everything else which is to say I can handle whatever you throw at me but have no desire to engage in more nonsense.

I am ready for a break and given that I am about to start living the bachelor life again the timing for smoother waters is solid.


Maybe I 0ught to sing MacArthur Park with Richard Harris to tell you there was another moment where my father spoke using my voice and “you may think I am a fucking idiot but I would encourage you not say anything loud enough for me to think you had the audacity to utter such a thing.

It won’t end well and I won’t be the one who is upset.”

Confession: I would be upset and I am sure that my dad was when he had those moments with me, but I am not about to give that up right now.

I appreciate the testing of wills and like the arguments that were used to try to sway me because they were logically and factually based.

Ultimately they failed because parenting isn’t based solely upon such things and there is a certain amount of life experience that helps dictate and determine what is permissible or isn’t.

Still behind my anger and frustration with the nonsense there was a sense that one day sooner than I’d like these kids will stand on their own and take on the world.

Ultimately it is what we strive for them to do, but it takes some doing to get used to it.

Secrets And Dreams

Thought about writing a post called secrets and dreams instead of It’s More Than A Broken Dishwasher and The People We Value Or…Don’t but didn’t.

Thought about writing a letter and or picking up the phone to say other things to other people but didn’t do that.

The day will come and I’ll end my silence but unless I am approached I doubt it will happen soon because I am in no rush.

Got other things to tend to and other issues to address. If the gut doesn’t lie there is time and we’ll see the truth by and by.

Or not.

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  1. winersusan December 21, 2018 at 7:36 am

    So glad to know you have a strong skull and are ok. Thanks for the Neruda

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