Is It A Temporary Or Permanent Change?

The plan had been to change themes but not immediately, especially as the new hosting service provides a staging ground in which you can experiment and perfect the changes you wish to make prior to going live.

But people plan and G-d laughs so the changes didn’t work out that way.

Hell, the other primary joint blew up this morning and for a while it looked like I might have to say goodbye to it. Looked like the best I could hope for was to0 recover some of the stuff I had written and just accept the rest was gone.

But it appears the worst didn’t happen and I have access to most, if not all, not that it matters to most people.

A Johnny Cash T-Shirt

In between the madness and the chaos I made a quick trip to the gym and on a whim wandered over the nearby Kohls and looked at a couple of dress shirts.

Just as I was preparing to check out I saw a Johnny Cash t-shirt and decided I needed my own Ring of Fire and grabbed one in the appropriate size.

Sadly I was unable to bring home any of my finds because it turns out Kohls no longer accepts Apple Pay and I had no cash on hand.

I mulled over going home to grab my wallet but the return trip didn’t happen because once I got home I was sucked into the comfort and chaos of the mundane existence I lead here.

So I stayed in and waited f0r an opportunity to begin working on the changes I wished to make, but given circumstances and events partially in my control things went haywire.

Hence the broken blog with a theme I am not sure I want to use but will allow for the time being. Might be a night, might be a day, might be longer.

It depends on the following:

  1. Does it provide a good reading experience?
  2. Do I feel good about it?
  3. Is it easy to fix, adjust and maintain?

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t require the Shmata seal of approval, but that never hurts either.

Beyond those items the heavy lifting is up to me. Find a way to make the words sing the song I want the reader to hear and then hope they do.

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