How To Win A Fight On Facebook/You Won’t Read This Anyway

A stranger was irritated by something I wrote and Facebook and chose to engage me not realizing that if you get my attention I will drown you in retorts and responses.

If I am on my game the majority will be factually based and supported with links and I will challenge you to support whatever allegations you make.

Confession: Sometimes I like to make up a survey/study that supports my position just to see how you respond.

You might be surprised by how many people tell me they read it and I have misinterpreted what I shared, and yeah, I will make sure I tell you I know you lied because I made that crap up.

Anyhoo, the aforementioned stranger sent me the snarky message below on Facebook:

“Josh, I just reviewed your “credentials” and noted that you don’t have any!”

I thought about telling them that you won’t find much background on me on Facebook. I don’t list my work history or education there so their big gotcha moment is what they would call a nothing burger.

To be thorough I checked the other places online where they would find information on me and it was clear the stranger never looked there.

How To Win A Fight On Facebook/You Won’t Read This Anyway

Unless something changes I am done with this numbskull. I am bored with the conversation and have declared myself the winner.

That is how you win a fight on Facebook, by walking away and telling yourself you won.

It is a gentler version of the Conan, What Is Best In Life philosophy and since I was once called an uncivilized barbarian I have made a point to pay attention to what the most famous of the barbarians says is best in  life.

To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

Sometimes the online disagreements are better than expected and you walk away feeling like you and others learned something from the engagement.

It is that rare experience where you find someone who is interested in knowledge and believes in the value of fact so you focus on those things.

There are no insults or so few the conversation isn’t derailed and you walk away feeling grateful for having been challenged on your views beliefs.

Due to current circumstances, astrology or some other nonsense that doesn’t happen often enough anymore.

Partisan politics push us into corners and we don’t come out.

Am I Being Heard?

I wrote two or three posts earlier this week that made me think and made me smile.

I walked away from them wondering if I am being heard and asking myself how far I am willing to go to confirm that.

Thus far it has been nothing more than operating off of instinct and faith. Been using the old go with the gut method and it makes me a little crazy.

‘Cuz I know what I know and what I feel but that little voice pushes to confirm.

“You can’t be certain and without certainty, there is danger. Not danger as in life threatening, but em0tional danger.”

Some walls are erected and maintained because of fear and some walls are built with the occasional window so that you can see inside and out.

Got to give sunlight places to shine or all you see is darkness.


Got another bill from a doc and stumbled across a news story about medical equipment costs not being fair.

L0oked at the bill and wished all looked like the one that came today. Yesterday made the wallet cry and there are a few more to come.

Better to pay now because if things work it will make the future far easier.

It is a lesson learned from watching my father. Trying to be smarter and more proactive than he was, head stuff off before it happens.

Doc says that having a high threshold for pain hurts people and I get it, I see it.

Now we do our best to control and modify what we can and hope life cooperates.


Paid my life insurance premium today and was amazed when I realized how much time has passed.

I got term insurance when I was in my thirties and the time term is almost over. Got a little time left, but not so much that I can just ignore.

Got to think about it some more, got to think about what life I want to live.

Final Words

Heard this song again today and thought about things.

Thought about the past, the present and the future and focused upon visions of the future I want. I have the basic outline worked out in my head but those details won’t be shared here.

It is a strange feeling, to ask yourself what happens if you really have about 25 years left as opposed to what happens if you have 40.

Do 15 years make a real difference or does it not matter.

If I knew if all I had was 10 years or less I can guarantee I would to things differently, but I can’t say that so that changes things in a different way.

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