Caught By A Tooth

Three of them came after me never guessing that after the Monday I had I welcomed the opportunity to unleash and unload.

It was before I expressed my displeasure with the inability of some people to give a proper hug and or do simple math but before I went to the gym.

That was good because I am a much younger Taurus than some Virgos but still old enough to need a refractory period after throwing iron around.

They told me they wanted armed volunteers in the high school and I said that was a bad idea.

“Why? Don’t you want to protect our children?”

“Yeah I want to keep them from getting shot by some amped up parent who hasn’t had the training to deal with real life situations.”

“They will have training. They’ll have their concealed weapon permit and some marksmanship ability.”

“To quote Mike Tyson, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. This is different. The first time a parent kills a kid by mistake we’ll have all sorts of fun, now won’t we.”

“That is not the case. The current situation isn’t working.”

“Unless I am mistaken there is empirical evidence that it has. That means we haven’t had any school shootings here.”

Caught By A Tooth

I am not as insouciant and blase about this as I may seem nor am I trying to jinx things, but I am not about to say ok to letting armed volunteers roam the school.

It would be nice if I could say that I am comfortable liability issues will keep this from ever being a reality but people continue to prove that stupidity is contagious.

Not only is Trump in office, but there are more than a few who believe the bullshit he shovels.


We’re a few days away from marking a full month since dad died.

While I am anxious to reach a place where his loss doesn’t feel like such a giant hole with the regularity in which I notice I am not so anxious for time to move at warp speed.

I suppose that illustrates the giant contradiction of life because the closer we remain to his death the closer we are to when he was still alive.

We cannot allow ourselves to become so enamored with the pain of his loss that we fail to let go of it and not because he wouldn’t like it but because we deserve better than that.

So here I sit thinking about a couple of bad situations I am dealing with and how these are things he would have been very good to talk with about.

They are situations he was particularly suited to offer information and advice on. It would have been right there in the Big O’s wheelhouse.

Had I the opportunity I would started off by telling him about the chunky peanut butter nonsense and how dentists don’t want you to eat it because that chunk of peanut might get caught by a tooth.

Depending on his mood he might have told me to stop with the nonsense and I might have asked if we was going to ground me if I didn’t.

“You hear that old man, I would still give you a hard time if you were here. Since you are not I have to find someone else to give a hard time to. Wonder who wants it.”

What Is Important

The lack of punctuation is intentional as I don’t know how I want that to read.

I haven’t cut my hair or shaved in 30 days.

That is intentional too.

I am desperate to cut my hair and trim my beard so I don’t look like a crazy almost middle aged man.

That is not supposed to happen until at least 30 days have gone by but I am starting to feel a real itch to get it done.

Is a haircut and beard trim important?

Depends. I can make a case for it either way.

Are the situations I am dealing with important?

Depends. I can make a case either way for those too, but the fact is they are probably more important now than the other.

The problemis I am exhausted and I don’t want to dedicate energy to those things, especially since they probably don’t offer much room for me to influence them.

Except if I do nothing they respond the way a ship with a bad anchor does. It may pull loose and the current may slam it into the shore.

Though I am absolutely certain that I am right about knowing some things this is one area in which I lack complete confidence.

If I don’t try to push things along I might regret not doing it and that offers enough reason to consider trying to find energy.

And if not energy, advice.

I thought about writing some more. Thought about where this blogging started and how it grew from a whim to much more.

Thought about those who have been along for the ride to help motivate me.

Thought about a lot of things.

Still thinking, but I need to walk away from the computer and take care of some of other stuff. Need to stretch and read.

Need to breathe.

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