Tell Us How You Really Feel…You Dope!

The music plays and I wipe my mouth wondering if it ought to sting more than it does and then I remember I have gotten good at taking a shot to the mouth.

I put 225 up today even though I had promised myself I wouldn’t.

Felt pretty good in spite of my broken promise and noticed the chunky guy to the left was pumping about 275.

If you saw him you wouldn’t guess he could do it, but maybe people would say that about me.

It made me smile and reminded me to be humble because there is always someone who can do better than you.

Good times, bad times, you have to take them for what they are and run with them.

Some things make you famous or sort of and you wonder if and where they might take you.

It is more fun than the medical news and easier to manage because you have more control over how  and what happens or so you think.

Hey hey, what can I do.

Tell Us How You Really Feel…You Dope!

I laid into a few people who took me on regarding the latest demonstration of stupidity by the current administration.

Told them I’ll probably hit 6’4 before I stop slamming the president for trying to gaslight the country into believing he is not responsible for his failing presidency and for making a mockery of the office.

Since I am unaware of pills that will cause me to grow taller and unwilling to try to eat enough to measure 6’4 sideways it is unlikely to change.

Especially given the 18 months of history that is filled with failure indictments and general stupidity. The best part is knowing that I don’t have to provide examples because in the years that come we’ll look back upon the Trump years as the time in which a large part of the country mistook 275 pounds of manure and an orange wig for a person.

That will be great fun. So many will have kind things to say about each other but me, well I’ll try to be the snooty guy who makes fun of others by mentioning the classics.

“Remember the time when Ivanhoe, Macbeth and Major Major went on that talk show run and said those things about Trump.

Remember how they met with the Yankees in King Arthur’s court and shot pool. Man that was one hell of a catch-22.”

People will nod and say yes without thinking about whether any of it made sense.

Final Words

I had planned on writing more and expanding this post by another four or five hundred words but real life stuff is pulling me away.

You might say I could or should set this aside and tend to it later but that is not how this particular post is going to go.

There is a rhythm that would be lost if I did that and though I might be able to pick it back up I am not sure I want to.

This is a snapshot of this particular moment and that is good enough for me for now.

The other places I write need some attention and there is a different matter I cannot ignore. This has to be the place where I take my deep breath and then focus on the great underwater swim again.

Might be time for the greatest sales job ever, the one where I really earn my pay because the stakes are so much higher.

Or not.

Sometimes it is hard to tell.

Easier to dream, wonder and hope that I really do know things.

Here goes nothing.

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