Take The Measure Of A Man

Some of you click on these links because you like music and some of you click on them because you want to know if I am trying to use music to send more messages than I share in the words on the page.

It doesn’t matter whether I say yes or no because you have your ideas about why I do what I do and I can’t control those.

But then again I have my ideas about why others do or do not do and those thoughts can’t be controlled either.

The funniest part to me is knowing that in a relatively short period of time I won’t remember whether I put certain songs in because I thought they would add to the post or because I really was trying to send a message.

So take this particular link and know I am including it because this song really does relax me and it is smarter to listen to music than eat my stress.

Take The Measure Of A Man

Less than three months ago I would have told you to look for me inside the house and had you accused me of exaggerating the look on my face would have disabused you of that notion.

I have been up against it more than once and come out the other side but that time is among the most painful I have ever experienced.

Felt like a knife in the back and a colonoscopy without anesthesia combined with a dunk in a swimming pool of Reaper pepper juice.

Gimme Shelter was constantly on my mind and I felt like I couldn’t catch a breath or break long enough to reach the other side.

But I kept swimming because it is all I know how to do and because the fire hasn’t ever killed me.

In delicate terms, it has burned the fuck out of me and left me wondering if there was enough Viagra and Scotch to fix things, but it never killed me.

Might be because I am too fucking stubborn to just give up or is that too fucking stupid. Could be both, depends on who you ask.


Got my old man on the phone and asked him if he is ready to go home yet.

I was happy that he chose to speak because he hasn’t been up for it for a few days now and it is hard to take the measure of a man when all you get are reports.

That is not to say mom isn’t reliable, but I know a few things that can only be discerned by a verbal exchange. It is part of the magic of the Wilner men.

What? You say you are not familiar with the magic of the Wilner men?

Well let’s just say that once you have experienced it you never forget and if you ever leave it you find yourself wondering if there is a way back.

If you don’t believe me you can ask Grandpa Wilner. He’ll tell you to never doubt what I say.


“Abba, I had a little mishap today. An incidence of clumsiness if you will. I discovered I can still take a good shot to the mouth.”

Dad asked who hit me but didn’t follow up with any comments about hoping I didn’t get myself into trouble which made it clear he was getting tired.

“Dad, are you getting out of bed and exercising at all? If you don’t move around you’ll lose strength and your recovery will be much harder.

“Tell me what happened.”

I heard a slight hint of fire in his reply and that made me smile.

“Dad, I walked into a glass door at three quarter speed. Two hundred plus pounds hit the door expecting air and discovered glass. Some women pay good money to make their upper lip look like mine.”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I am hoping the video doesn’t end up on YouTube. I am not kidding when I say I figured out I can take a shot to the mouth. Not the preferred way to find out, but…”

“Did someone videotape it?”

“I don’t know if it was caught on the security cameras. But if they put it online I hope they set it to one of these two songs.

Adventures In Texas

A dear friend arrives in Texas tomorrow so we are gearing up for some adventures in Texas.

Told the old man to think a little bit about places and things he’d like to see and do. He gave me a few ideas and I have a few to share as well.

Even though I have a few ideas about what old Eric gets to do and see I am guessing there will be some adventures in Texas.

Never can tell what that guy is going to get us into or vice-versa, but I know it will be fun.

Always cool to get a chance to show the important people what life is like here. Can you say Barbecue…

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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