Maybe It’s Time To Leave Facebook

I have rightly been accused of being fond of quotes.

Words are part of who I am and without them I might choke so it’s not shocking to any who know me well to hear I spend time reading and or looking for quotes.

Two nights ago I came across another Emily Dickinson verse that captured my attention.

“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”
― Emily Dickinson

Maybe It’s Time To Leave Facebook

Some of you are under the misguided impression that Facebook is a true love of mine.

It is not remotely true, at worst Facebook is the ex-girlfriend who sucked the life out of me and made me want to bang my head against the wall for being party to her stupidity.

That is not always true and the majority of the time Facebook has been closer to the girl who made my heart race and was all kinds of fun for the right reasons.

She helped me learn about life and experience things I never otherwise would have.

But that isn’t always true of her and lately Facebook has been much closer to the crazy chick who pressed my buttons and found ways to help me get into trouble.

Maybe that is not quite the girl who sucked the life out of me but it is certainly not good, especially as I never need help getting into trouble.

That is something I am quite capable of and prefer not to get any assistance with it.


But the thing is lately Facebook is a place that sets me off and makes me shake my head because of the stupidity and willful blindness I see there.

It is the place where so many post illogical arguments based upon factually incorrect information that is falsely claimed to be “proof” of whatever idiotic position they have decided to assume.

Moments like this remind me of how disappointing it is not to have George Carlin around to talk with as I know he would have had something to say.

I Didn’t Know George Carlin

I never met George Carlin or corresponded with him so most of what I know of and about is from albums I owned and things I have read.

So maybe George wouldn’t have had any decent advice to offer but I like to think otherwise because good comedians aren’t stupid.

Good comedians are keen observers of life and often couch their comedy in some insightful observation so maybe George would have had something.

Or maybe he would have looked at me and said that a man cannot carry around 2 tons of pressure without feeling a bit of strain.

And then he would have said Facebook isn’t known for being a collection of Mensa members or a collection of Russian bots.

It is both and everything in between.

And maybe, just maybe when I said it sometimes serves as a receptacle of the dumbest motherfuckers we can ever encounter he would have laughed, nodded his head in agreement and asked why I hang out there.

Or maybe he would have said that outside influences are impacting my perspective.

Fire In The Belly

That furnace in my belly is running at full steam and the part of me that wants to run with the moon is ready to tie the laces on our sneakers and hit the streets.

Moments like this remind me of a time when someone looked at me and asked if I ever stop pacing or moving around.

Times like this are why and how I wear some people out because it takes a massive amount of energy to keep up and not everyone wants it.

That is ok with me, we aren’t made to stick with everyone forever.

Some people walk with us for part of the journey and than move on to other places and things.

But there are those who don’t feel exhausted or worn out and they stay for the long haul. I suppose it is as simple as saying we click with some better than we click with others.

I have always found that interesting, especially those few who fit on the “we could live together on an island and not get tired of each other.”

When you find those people you need to take note and if possible try to hold onto them because that is a rare and special gift.

Maybe It’s Time To Leave Facebook

Some of my language on Facebook has been more colorful and direct as of late.

There is a good chance that has turned off some people who potentially might have looked and listened more carefully had I been more circumspect in my approach.

Maybe it hurt my credibility and maybe not.

Many people suggest very few have their opinions changed, modified and or adjusted by what they read online.

But then again, if I got a few people to look at some key issues with a different eye that would be worth something.

Still I find myself wondering if the aggravation I have felt lately is primarily because of the impact of the outside world or if I am just done in general.

Would anyone notice if I walked away.

Maybe some family and close friends, but I expect quite a few people wouldn’t notice for weeks or maybe months that this guy was gone.

Since I don’t post for them that is not necessarily a bad thing but it does help me evaluate whether my time is well spent or not.

Guess it is worth thinking about.

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  1. Lori February 19, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    I love the quality of your writing, Josh!


  2. Danny Brown February 19, 2018 at 6:21 am

    Carlin would have ripped the shit out of Facebook. And I’m totally there with you, mate – it’s becoming a cesspit of lies, untruths, and hurt. I don’t need that crap in my life.

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