It Was More Than A Weekend In New England

It is going to start with Brothers In Arms and The Man’s Too Strong as the music that helps to get the fingers flowing across the keyboard but after that it is anyone’s guess as to whether I’ll iTunes send me on a random journey or do something different.

I drove by my first apartment in Fort Worth today.

It wasn’t the first time I have been by but it was the first time I decided to stop and look at the complex that served as my first home in Texas.

Five years ago it was where I confirmed certain beliefs were fact and not fiction and proved that given a chance fantasy could be reality.

Which is to say it is one of those markers we use to distinguish where adventure begins, stops or continues.

It Was More Than A Weekend In New England

A guy from Boston tells me he is sure that I must hate the Pats and Celtics because I am a soft West Coast kind of guy.

I laugh and tell I hate those guys for for more reasons than a bad weekend in New England.

We go back and forth for a few and I hammer him with a million reasons why the Lakers are better and how Tom Brady isn’t just successful because he is part of the fix but because he is a West Coast guy.

He sputters some sort of garbled curse at me and I tell him that Julian Edelman is a West Coast guy too.

“Don’t tell me how great the East is because it took the West to make you that way, you dope.”

That throws him and for a moment he can’t figure out how to respond because he is not sure if I insulted him.

I am not at a loss for words so I hit him with a few more choice remarks and tell him he can argue with me when his little friends drop and puberty hits.

Given that he is 41 and I am busting his chops about having been too young to have watched the NBA in the 80s I have to wonder when that change in perspective happened.

Wasn’t it last week that I was 25 and I thought anyone in their forties was one slip away from a broken hip and time in the old age home watching Lawrence Welk.

Facebook Stories

I have been messing around with those Facebook stories. Those are the 30 second bits you can record on your phone and show to your Facebook friends.

I figured it would be an easy way to practice story telling in front of a camera.

Thus far the reviews have been mixed.

A couple of people have asked why I do them and said they don’t want to watch.

I told them they are welcome to cancel their subscription but I don’t know if they recognized the sarcasm or realized I would have demanded they pay a cancellation fee.

On the up side I heard that I made a few people laugh and that it was kind of cool because it almost felt like I was speaking right to them.

I suppose that is a good thing, hearing that you presented something in a way that made someone feel connected to you.

It is really one of the primary goals of a writer and I suppose speakers/comedians etc.

Final Words

After I passed the old complex I thought about how profoundly different some parts of my life are now and wondered how choice influence certain things.

Thought about all the different things people say about life and how our experiences influence or agreement or disagreement with what we heard.

Life is random and life is filled with is meant to be. Life is coincidence with some moments of destiny etc.

Tonight I am too tired to argue, debate or try to discern the truth.

It has been a week filled with significant stress and challenge, virtually none of those by my doing. But that is ok with me because I am built to last.

Or is it because I have learned there is nothing unusual or strange with having to deal with the waste of the crap flinging monkeys and that sometimes life give you a moment.

Hell, I have got a few of them but let’s not forget the experience gained from those experiences is what enables passage through some of these other experiences.

So tonight I go to bad with a fair amount of uncertainty but also some significant amounts of hope and a gut feeling that some very good things are coming alongside this other crap.

That is enough for today.

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