Transplant- Betwixt & Between

Do you want this love of mine?
The darkness helps to sort the shine
Do you want it, do you want it now?
Do you want it overtime?
The darkness helps to sort the shine
Do you want it, do you want it now?
Dark Necessities- Red Hot Chili Peppers

The music plays and it pulls out fragments of conversations once had about intensity and those who are unable to deal with it.

Got hundreds of miles left to roll through on this particular road and then hundreds back the other way to my new home.

I have been back in Texas for more than a year now and I am well acquainted with the roads, drivers and a ton of little things about this place.

But there is another two tons of little details that remind me I am a transplant.

Last year I spent almost every holiday alone, just me, myself and I in my Grapevine apartment. I was prepared for it, but I have to concede Thanksgiving bothered me.

That was a surprise, but so is much of life.

Transplant- Betwixt & Between

I’ll always remember that apartment just as I will the one in Fort Worth and those in Encino.

There were moments in each that I lived out my wildest dreams some were nightmares but some were the kind you can’t share in a family blog. 😉

And now having lived a thousand different lifetimes I stand here in a house where the Dodgers are determined to make me have a heart attack and I can’t tell Dave Roberts “put me in skipper.”

Another transplant in Texas far from his homeland and working hard to make Texas home.

Tuesday afternoon
I’m just beginning to see
Now I’m on my way
It doesn’t matter to me
Chasing the clouds away
Tuesday Afternoon- The Moody Blues

Sometimes people ask me to explain how I got here, left and came back.

Tuesday afternoon lyrics are as good an answer as the Lincoln quote above.

I saw potential futures in my mind and knew I had to go for it. Couldn’t stay where I was and keep doing what I was doing because I was tired of getting what I got.

If you want to grab the brass ring you have to be willing to reach for it and I am.

But some days are hard and some are easy.

Tomorrow may be a new day but if it follows the last couple of weeks by the time it ends it will be October 30, 2029.

Hopefully my investments will do well in the time that passes.

Still you never know what the day will look like until you live it so maybe this will exceed my expectations.

That is what I am going to push for and in spite of being worn down by the crap flinging monkeys I have been battling there is a bit left in the tank.

We’ll have to see if it is enough to make them bend to my will or if I’ll run into a little luck and find myself the winner of the lottery.

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