A Legacy Of Division & Hate

The best part of trying to manage significant health issues comes during the open enrollment period in which you try to determine what company health plan you want to sign up for.

You don’t want to let fear and uncertainty push you into making poor decisions but it is hard not to wonder if an administration who is working on building a legacy of division and hate will create issues.

As they promote policy that protects big business at the expense of the average citizen and roll back protections it’s easy to ask if they’ll give insurance companies the opportunity to deny coverage based upon preexisting conditions.

Point and click your way through online conversations and you’ll find conversations in which people say they don’t want to help subsidize health care for those who have made bad choices.

If you have health issues because of your weight, smoking or because you were injured while driving drunk they think you ought to be responsible.

But what I can’t figure out is how they say such things while holding the president accountable for…nothing.

Entitled, Angry & Rude

I read through hundreds of comments on a thread in which a presumably Conservative crowd used numerous pejoratives to describe liberals/Democrats and was amazed at the hypocrisy and myopia.


Because there was a theme in which people complained about a lack of civility and said it is impossible to have a civil conversation with liberals.

Yet they never look at the example set by the president.

How do we call one side entitled, angry and rude and not hold the president accountable for helping to fuel uncertainty, anger and mistrust.

Hypocrisy and poor leadership are very troubling.

I Know Things

If you said today is October 27, 2032 I would believe you because it has been that kind of week.

You could tell me Trump’s legacy of hate and division didn’t materialize and that he turned into a great leader and I might believe that too.

But only after I spent time surfing the net and confirmed that a lost decade and change had passed me by.

Hell if I found myself as a modern day Rip Van Winkle I’d have to be open to it but then again I have lived a life that proves over and over that anything is possible.

Thus far I’m skeptical we’ll see the current leadership make an 180 degree turn because the president is obsessed with destroying the legacy and memory of his predecessor.

So I find myself facing a number of questions such as how to do my part to try and keep things going in the right direction and how to do so under significant challenges in my world.

The best answer I have is to say I know things because I do.


I know I always find ways to manage and overcome the challenges.

That doesn’t mean there is never a failure or any sort of adversity tied into it all because there was, there is and there will be.

Sometimes it has been done through partnerships that overcame enormous challenges most people wouldn’t have made it through.

Won’t get into specifics here but I’ll say only a fool ignores the parts and pieces that make up the whole.

We have seen the beginning and middle but the end hasn’t come, not as long as their is air in our lungs.

Got to run do more research and spend some time trying to plan knowing that g-d laughs when we do so but I am incapable of not trying to manage it.

So I’ll bid you adieu while singing along with Bruce and tell you I am waiting but not really because I am making things happen too.

Fear and uncertainty is a great motivator for action.

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