Useless/Useful Statistics

Played around with a couple of layouts and didn’t like the new look cuz it looked like the old look, not the most recent but one of the ones from some years ago.

So I decided to take a quick snapshot of the most popular posts to see what is moving people here and determined that it is still sort of the usual eclectic mix.

Recent emails still push for less business/social media and more silly stories and reminiscing, especially more ride share tales.

We’ll see h0w it goes, I write as I always have based upon whatever moves me at a particular moment unless it is a sponsored post in which case money moves the needle in a different direction.

And now for those who want insight into what some of those popular posts are I provide you with the nonsense below to dig through.

As always I think it is interesting to see the mix because you never know what moves people and what doesn’t.

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