More Than A Life Changing Hack

The ability to yell louder than everyone else is not indicative of being right, just, accurate or any other word used to describe truth.

Not that anyone who uses Facebook understands this concept because we seem to yell louder, harder and longer with the misguided idea doing so will win the hearts and minds of those reading.

If we follow the rules of the blog now is the time I confess to being part of the problem and explain that some of it is because I am furious about some things that are going on now.

Technically those same rules state no vague responses and say I am to spell out what is going on but I won’t because the people who need to know probably do and if anyone else cares enough to know they can ask.

Anyhoo, a fine fellow told me I was far too mean in my response to someone who said my comment about gun control was rude and obnoxious.

I might have suggested that someone is so dumb it is frightening to know they were allowed to procreate.

I might have also suggested they put down the bag of pork rinds and write an apology to past, present and future graduates of their university for diminishing the value of their degrees.

They might have called me a wannabe life changing hack and suggested I do something that is anatomically challenging but not impossible.

More Than A Life Changing Hack

I can’t decide whether to use the original version or the cover by Disturbed as the background music for this part of the post so I’ll share them both and let you decide which you want to use.

Consider the Staind video a bonus, I like the opening of the song.

I told the person who called me a wannabe life changing hack that I am no wannabe and suggested they thank me for helping the pierce the bubble of stupidity they live in.

And then I said I shall think on you no more and walked away and played a Kenny Chesney song while I thought about how to put together a better blog post.

Something that is entertaining, informative and has depth.

That is part of why I write daily and why I test different layouts and play with the structure.

Sooner or later I stumble upon parts and pieces that work for me and incorporate them into regular use.

Not every post is going to measure up, but some will.  You never know what is going to resonate with people.

Running Towards The Future

Sometimes the words flow freely and sometimes it is a struggle to get them to lay down upon the page not because of writer’s block but because the flow is being choked off.

This particular post is suffering from that particular malady but I am not going to give up and walk away.

I am going to keep pushing and if it is choppy, well it is choppy. I’ll do better next time and or put in a few edits that hopefully will make it work for me.


There were some hard moments earlier today that had me thinking about all of the choices I have made during the last 20 some odd years.

Not because I wanted to relive the past because I don’t but because I had to reassure myself that where I find myself now is not because I missed some signs.

Because I had to look back at particular moments and confirm I did the best I could given the information I had at that time.

The net result is that I know I did my best but that hasn’t prevented me from wanting to bang my head against the wall.

I almost did it but my hard head would probably leave a hole in that aforementioned wall and having to pay for it or patch it would irritate me.

Unrelated To Anything Else

I saw a video of Kenny Chesney crying while trying to sing Better As A Memory and the crowd filling in for him.

Watching the crowd fill in for him when he broke down got me thinking about whether I could write something that could engender that kind of response.

If you are among the 17 long time readers you know that thought has passed through my head from time to time but that I have always written for me first and then you.

All you have to do is look at some of the narishkeit and mishegoss I have placed upon this page to know that.

But this time it feels a little different.

This time I look at videos like the two below and wonder.

It’s Not About Fame

Fame doesn’t motivate me.

I like being an average Joe who can go to the store, see a movie and move around in public without any concern.

Money isn’t a big motivator here either. Can’t say the idea of making a boatload of cash from producing something that moves people isn’t of any interest because it is.

But if it is tied into the kind of fame that prevents me from living a normal life, well, I am not real interested.

What motivates me here is the question of am I capable of producing such a thing.

Can I write a book/poem/movie/song that people will sing/quote for years after?


That little boy inside me, the one who wants to press every button and pull every lever is the real force behind this.

He is the guy at the gym that pushes me to see what I can max in every area. How much can you bench/curl/squat etc.


I am not as angry as I was when I started writing this post but I still feel that hard edge and still want to call a few people and tell them exactly what I think.

But I won’t.

They don’t deserve the attention so I won’t give it to them.

I hope they enjoy their time in lollipop land and eat two trays of Ex-Lax brownies in a place that uses barbed Pine Cones for toilet paper.

And with that I am gone, you knew me once upon a time.

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