Sometimes We Dance Alone

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of a business trip I took to Texas.

I remember hearing bells go off inside my head and recognized something big had changed but I hadn’t yet awoken and didn’t realize life would never be the same.

When the anniversary comes next month chances are I’ll dance alone and that is ok because what is for you won’t go past you and life will unfold as it should or so said the gypsy who sold me love potion number nine.

If you happen to see her tell her I expect a refund or a note explaining how to use the damn stuff because either I don’t know how to use it or it is plain water.

Live & Let Die

Took a hard look at the blogs and thought about whether they should all live or if some should die.

When I am in the mood to write I can still pump out a ton of content and I like to believe most of it is of decent quality.

That has been good enough for me to keep things going up to now but I am not sure if I can continue to be satisfied with decent.

I want to do better than that and know that I can find the right words and place them in the right combination.

You know the one that reaches right into your heart and melts it. The one that makes you wish I had done more than just screw around with the 969 words you just read because you know there is enough horsepower in that engine to get the j0b done.

But I just haven’t done it yet and I can’t tell you exactly why I haven’t.

I see what is going on here and notice the typos the mistakes.

Most of the time I try to come back and fix them because they are embarrassing.

I see so much more than I say and I know it would be helpful if I took that moment and used it. Took that moment and said ‘dammit, I need closure on this and am going to get it by making sure I dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t.’

And Things Took A Turn

A moment ago I flipped through an iTunes playlist and wandered by what most would call an eclectic mix.

Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow, Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan and If Eternity Should Fail by Iron Maiden catch my eye for a moment.

They are followed by Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Copland but none of them pull my mind away from the words of the Head Ooompa Loompa and Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces.

The man who threatened to destroy North Korea makes me crazy because he is a thoughtless, feckless and reckless fool.

I am a very hawkish man and no fan of North Korea but I wonder and worry about a leader who hasn’t shown an aptitude for thoughtful action and who seems like an awful chess player.

If push comes to shove and things go to hell it is not impossible to imagine a time where we could need more soldiers than we currently have.

Two weeks ago I sat with my almost 17 year-old son and 17.5 year-old nephew and silently wondered what the future holds for these guys.

I remember signing up for Selective Service and wondering what could happen and if I would ever be called upon.

It is very different on this side of the fence.

Back To Blogging We Go

I am beginning to wonder if the time has come to change the theme here again.

Mulling and musing about tweaking and twisting things a bit to see if it inspires more writing and or provides a better experience for you who read these words.

There may be less conversation in the comments than there once was but it has been replaced by more readers.

Slowly but surely the man who occasionally dances alone is building a bigger audience. As to whether that means I am doing a better job of marketing or if it is something else is a different story.

Hell, I don’t want to make you feel badly, but the 99,9383,199 of you who show up here each day have questionable judgment regarding your reading material.

Nonetheless I appreciate it and hope you continue to walk with us– unless you are the stalker.

You can choke on a piece of meat and fall down the stairs and then after you pick your butt up I hope you fall up the stairs too.

Dumb oaf.

Good thing I don’t hold grudges…right. 🙂

And with that I am off to watch Hostages, been a great way to help polish my Hebrew. Slowly but surely it is improving, relying less and less on those subtitles.

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