Just Another Notch On a Belt

Johnny and Willie are singing Always On My Mind and while I silently sing along I am reading an email from someone who said The Swallows Keep Coming is one of the best things they have ever written.

It’s a nice compliment but I am not sure I deserve it.

I want to be humble and gracious so I say just say thank you and say there are better writers and I am working hard to be deserving of praise.

If I had a couple of wishes and I spent them upon myself I might ask for the ability to write, play and sing songs that tell stories.

Just Another Notch On a Belt

Friends in Houston are posting pictures and video of the impact of Harvey with captions that ask us to understand what we can’t see is much worse.

It is impossible not to wonder and having been experienced several natural disasters I can’t say I know exactly what it is like but I know enough to appreciate it.

Which is part of why I was disappointed by comments from some people who referred to it as just another notch on America’s belt.

These are people and they didn’t ask Harvey to come dump a 983,848 inches of rain upon them.


Two other things about Harvey and Houston jump out at me.

  1. I have friends and colleagues all over the place there.
  2. It helps remind me the big scary things I am dealing with are still scary, but probably not the same scale of fear.

At least I don’t think they are, there are moments where I fear my mantra of ‘Figure it out’ will be adjusted by ‘Failure to Figure it Out.’

It is also why I have no patience for certain things or people who have left me high and dry.

I already told one not to bother, I am not interested.

Final Words

This is going to be another one of those times where I am going to find out what I am made of and how resourceful I can be.

Another one of those times where I’ll either figure 0ut how to fly or I’ll fall.

That fall won’t kill me because I am far too dumb and stubborn to just die, but it will hurt. Because I am the guy who will find a way to bounce off of every rocky outcropping and get scratched by every cactus and brush hanging on the side of the cliff.

Let’s root for fly because I need a break and if that doesn’t happen, well let’s root for finding a mattress to land on.

Got to run now, can’t wait for it to start because the anticipation is killing me so I might as well go meet destiny halfway.

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