Stories Of Ambush & Betrayal

Those who believe in astrology might say the great eclipse of August 21, 2017 is to blame for the bad behavior and misdeeds of people across the world.

They might tell you the eclipse is the reason why two different lawyers accosted me for two different reasons today.

Neither had a damn thing to do with the law or any sort of legal issues. I can’t tell you why the first one has any interest. Maybe he wishes he could get a mouthful of my secret sauce to for a bbq or a special birthday gift.

I didn’t expect to hear from the second man but I wasn’t particularly surprised either because I had reached out on behalf of someone else and said I could provide some clarity on some misunderstanding he had with another.

Stories Of Ambush & Betrayal

I haven’t ever told the second man of the strong physical resemblance he has to a weasel or how little respect I have for him.

Most of it is because I try to avoid jumping in the mud and prefer to have a civil discussion with others.

My children have often heard me remind them of the value of staying calm during disagreements and of speaking in a firm but quieter voice.

When you do so you can often make the other person focus more carefully upon your words.

It doesn’t always work but it never hurts to try and if nothing else staying calm often bugs the crap out of the other person.

Anyhoo, conversation made me wonder if this weasel was trained to repeat the same point over and over regardless of relevance by his law school professors or if he is just dense.

He must have told me six or seven times he was operating off information given to him by someone I know didn’t say anything he claimed they did.

Silly guy even put them on the phone and asked them to repeat his words and they refused.

It was sad and a little pathetic to listen to him try to convince me otherwise. Eventually he said he didn’t want to argue about it.

“If that means you concede X never said Y we are in agreement about there not being a need to argue.”

The Joy Of People

Recent events have presented multiple teaching moments and opportunities to talk to my children about people.

It’s not unusual for some friendships and relationships go through some ups and downs and it is up to us to determine whether it is worth the roller coaster ride that sometimes accompany some of them.

I encourage them to be forgiving with the people who are important to them and to remember we are all human.

But I also remind them it is a two way street and to pay attention to how others treat them. The important people make you a priority and they work to uphold their end.

There is truth to people showing you who they are and you need to pay attention to whether you are always making excuses for them and or their behavior.

I always go back to the Kirk/Spock friendship and talk about doing our best to be the kind of friend to others we want them to be to us.

And to remember that sometimes someone will be a jerk and there will still be a reason to forgive them.

It is not always easy to do it, but no one said life would be easy.

It is far too late to keep writing so we have reached the point where we quote Twain and say how true his comment is.

Life hasn’t just taught me, it continues to teach me truth is stranger than fiction.

There are some stories I may one day share here that are prime examples of this and not in the prime number kind of way.

Tales that will make you shake your head and ask me to stop making it up.

That is the funny thing about it to me, I couldn’t make these up and I am a writer.

Ok, I could make them up but they are so ridiculous I might not ever put them on paper because no one would believe them and yet they happen.

Maybe it is all because of the eclipse and those of us who weren’t in the totality suffered from the partiality of not having the sun completely blotted out.

Or maybe it is something else.

Guess I’ll add it to things I think about as I lay in bed contemplating betrayal, broken promises and general idiocy because the stupid still burns. 🙂


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