A Legacy Of Lies

I am not shocked nor frightened by the lies and dopey actions of our current president because I have become accustomed to his inability to tell a story based upon reality.

If I were one of his children I might root for the docs t0 discover an advanced case of dementia because then I would have a legitimate excuse for why my father is awful. Editor’s Note: My father isn’t awful, well his singing voice is but the rest of him is quite wonderful.

Since I am just another voter who isn’t related to him you might wonder if I care enough about Donnie to hope his health is fine.

The answer is I am not as frightened by his tenuous grip on reality as I am by the actions of his supporters.

I can’t understand why so many let him lie with reckless disregard and no concern for his bad behavior.

Too many of them make excuses and or adopt a Machiavellian approach that enables them to excuse every outright, fabrication and or distortion of the truth.

One day he will be gone but his legacy of lies will live on.

The Power Of Her Emails

My dad had surgery earlier today and I did best to stay busy.

Some of that time was spent working and some of it was spent making sure the schools had all the information they needed for the kids to be placed in appropriate classes.

I wandered around a bit on campus and listened to talk about heritage, high school and what sort of opportunities we had access to.

Or rather I listened to some parents and school workers talk about what opportunities the kids have.

Some of them sounded pretty damn cool and I thought about enrolling myself.

Since I skipped my prom when I was a student I figured it might be kind of fun to go now and see what it is like.

I am told asking a girl to prom is a big deal now but I wasn’t worried because I have a nephew who got a senior to go with him when he was just a junior.

According to my youngest nephew that is a big deal and it got me thinking that if I got a girl who is pushing 50 to go with me it would be pretty cool because I could tell all of my nephews that getting the older woman is a family trait.

But being a realist I recognized that I might be turned down and that I would have to deal with rejection.

Fortunately I had just seen the prez tweet about how he dissolved the council of CEOs, you know the one where all of the CEOs quit before he dissolved it.

His example was perfect because I knew if some random midwestern chick told me no I could say she asked me and I turned her down.

It is always good to say no, especially when you are pretending you did it first.

But because I am a planner I took a moment to think about what would happen if I she turned me down publicly and I couldn’t spin it.

The answer came to me in a flash.

It wasn’t my fault, it was Hillary’s emails.

Hell that excuse is so good I figured if I did enroll myself in school I would skip every other assignment and say the reas0n I didn’t do it was because of those emails.

Know why I didn’t catch that ballerina?

Because of Hillary’s emails.

It is also why I ate the last slice of pizza, left that much milk in the fridge, cut off the guy in the truck, told Lee Dumbass stories and ran naked through the Whole Foods in Colleyville.

You might wonder if there is any truth to any of this or if I might have exaggerated things a…tad.

The answer is maybe and the reason is quite simple.


It is disheartening to see the mental masturbation people engage in to try and absolve the president of lacking mental clarity and leadership.

The inherent stupidity in trying to prove he did no wrong and or to deflect is proof that there are rocks that are smarter than some people.

There is no question there are some bad people on the left and that some of them do bad things.

No one is arguing against that.

What they are trying to find out is a how man can claim he needed to get all the facts before he specifically condemned white supremacists for antisemitic chants.

It is not 1854 and we didn’t have to wait for an oil painting of the day, a letter from the Pony Express or carrier pigeon.

We have magic computers we carry in our pockets called phones that recorded pictures and videos.

What we don’t have a is a magic lamp that will fix the broken president or broken people who support him wholeheartedly.

And with that we’ll round these random words up with an excerpt from George Will’s most recent column:

The GOP’s Southern Gothic page-turner

“Anything that comes out of the South,” said writer Flannery O’Connor, a sometime exemplar of Southern Gothic, “is going to be called grotesque by the Northern reader, unless it is grotesque, in which case it is going to be called realistic.”

But, realistically, Alabama’s primary says more about Republicans than about this region. A Michigan poll shows rocker-cum-rapper Kid Rock a strong potential Republican Senate candidate against incumbent Debbie Stabenow. Rock says Democrats are “shattin’ in their pantaloons” because if he runs it will be “game on mthrfkrs.”

Is this Northern Gothic?

No, it is Republican Gothic, the grotesque becoming normal in a national party whose dishonest and, one hopes, futile assault on Brooks is shredding the remnants of its dignity.

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