Burn It All Down & Salt The Earth

I am trying to decide which version of Lover, You Should’ve Come Over, Jeff Buckley or Natalie Maines.

Neither one holds me and so I tear through more songs trying to find one that scratches an itch I can’t quite get at.

The Civil Wars cover of Billie Jean isn’t quite right and neither is Ode To Billie Joe.

Maybe Joe Cocker’s cover of With A Little Help From My Friends will do the trick.

Thing is I am in an Institutionalized, Sabotage or Firestarter place and trying hard to get to an If I Can Dream mindset.

Can’t f0cus with glasses or without them on my face, mouth hurts, body aches and spirit is bruised.

It makes me extra grumpy and thoughts of going to battle float through my mind because I might as well take the energy from the bad news and put it to good use.

The Liar-In-Chief

Our despot-in-training the dumber than a box of rocks and twice as mean as a mean with 98 kidney stones consistently manages to shock people and that is saying something.

Can’t tell you if it is more disturbing how many people buy his bullshit or that his dementia has become so bad he believes everything he says.

I am not going to panic because he is bereft of a moral compass, is ignorant of history and has a penchant for making facts up.

No, I am going to focus my ire and concern upon places and people that might actually respond.

And I am going to remind myself that House Of Cards is fiction and this man isn’t smart enough to imitate Frank Underwood, no matter how good his advisors are.

You’re Going To Lose Friends

Some people have said I ought to temper my words here and elsewhere because some of my friends are going to be hurt or offended by my comments about the candidate they voted into office.

Oh well.

More than a few of them told me they never expected him to be this horrible and I can accept that.

They thought he was far superior to Hillary and that government needed a shakeup.

If they are a good friend they know I have always said a vote for him would hurt the US and that he would be ineffective.

I don’t need everyone to agree with me and am comfortable with different opinions.  And I’ll add that knowing they think he has made multiple mistakes and aren’t mindless drones who praise everything he does is important to me.

He really is that bad but I don’t want every post to be about how damaging and dangerous this dummy is.

Maybe it is time to tell a Lee Dumbass story.

Burn It All Down & Salt The Earth

Part of the reason for my good humor is I am dealing with a few situations that are particularly challenging and the people involved make me want to scream.

One is acting far too much like a relative for my own comfort and that is of real concern.

It has me wondering if some change has taken place because it could be a deal breaker for me.

This isn’t the kind of thing I can sit back and accept and I can’t make anyone change who they are so I am beginning to wonder if this is going to lead to a dead end.

Might not, but then again it might.


Got another situation where bad communication is wreaking havoc.

It frustrates me because communication is a strength and it is rare that I run into a situation where I can’t paint a picture that is clear and easily understood.

I keep trying and my best efforts keep failing.

Consistent failure has sent me back to the drawing board to see if there is a different way to do things.

It has made me engage in serious introspection to determine if it is me and each time I have come to the conclusion I am not the one with the problem.

Well, that is only partly true.

I have a problem because they fail to understand but their failure to understand is starting to look as if it is either willful blindness or utter stupidity.

And so we come to the end of it all things. We either must unleash the Kraken and or say goodbye.

Maybe both.

And I am guessing some won’t notice.

Shame on me.

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