He Is As Dumb As He Looks

You don’t have be a Shmata Queen to appreciate that  Your Truth, My Truth & Our Truth is one of the most popular posts here on the blog.

The Aaron Lieber and Facebook Rebbes of the world might not appreciate such posts but there are others who aren’t shlattered and appreciate being given a head’s up about things that are of interest 0r so I have been told.

Been thinking about the promises we make and those we keep and all that goes along with it and all the while the smile on my face grows broader.

Can’t help but remember the time Lee Dumbass told us that we should remember he was dumb as he looks and how we stifled our laughter.

He didn’t mean to make himself the butt of the joke but he was indeed as dumb as he looked, if not dumber.

I remember telling him sometimes it was worth taking a moment to think before you speak but he just told me to shut up and insisted I was just being mean.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice or honest.

Goodbye Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell died today and with him went another piece of my childhood, maybe not the biggest but a piece nonetheless.

I have countless memories of sitting in the middle seat of our station wagon and looking out the window while Glen Campbell songs played on the AM radio.

Southern Nights, Rhinestone Cowboy and Gentle On My Mind were part of the soundtrack that accompanied trips from Southern California to Northern or Arizona.

My kids have had a few big road trips, the most recent being the journey from LA to Texas but they don’t know the road the way my sisters and I did.

They didn’t spend the first 16 years of their lives wondering what it was like to fly because they hadn’t been on a plane.

That is not a bad thing, but there are moments where I wonder what they missed out on by growing up in a time where you fly most places and stay in hotels that have the best Yelp reviews.

There is something to be said for the car trip and the stay in motels that you found along the road, never knowing what they were like until you had checked in.

Of course those were different times when you couldn’t get lost in the electronic bubble. You didn’t have a phone or Ipad to distract y0u.

You weren’t streaming music, facetiming or talking to a friend along the way.

If you were me you’d bring along a bunch of books to read in the car and if you weren’t reading you were looking at the scenery outside of the window.

There was always a way to make those trips interesting, a game to play of some sort or younger sibling to tease. 😉


Of Clowns, Buffoons & Conmen

We live in interesting times in which a conman has managed to put himself in the highest office and is supported by clowns and buffoons.

I wrote about some of it here and got a lot of kudos on what I wrote.

At the time I didn’t know the Toddler-In-Chief would pick today for saber rattling but when you are dealing with fools and dopes there is no timeline for their stupidity.

I know because there is a dope stalking me now and though I have blocked a few of his IPs he keeps coming back.

The meathead has downloaded several of my pictures and grabbed all sorts of other stuff.

It reminds me of some conversations I have had with some Trump supporters who tell me if I had access to the information they have I would change my mind.

That is possible but unlikely because as Old Al says information is not knowledge.

These meatheads cut and paste the same meaningless list of 67 things Trump has done but they don’t provide context or relevance.

They say things like Trump has dropped 59 bombs on Syria and expect people to cheer but why we would is beyond me.

We don’t know whether those bombs killed good guys or bad guys. We don’t know if they made the bad guys decide to become good or if they made good guys become bad.

That is not me being pedantic or trying to be difficult. It is me asking for context and for relevance. It is me trying to understand whether something was good or bad.

That list is filled with crap like that and all it proves is that information is not knowledge.

Oh, and that people are lazy and don’t read because if they did more of them might think twice about posting it.


All that brings me back to the buffoon who is digitally stalking me.

I intentionally haven’t revealed all of the information I have on them and it is not because I am trying to be nice.

Mostly I am giving them a chance to think carefully about their behavior and to find another house to haunt.

I won’t be surprised if they don’t because clowns and buffoons are not known for their intelligence or common sense.

Sometimes they are just loesers who would be wise to just go away.

Go Ahead, Make My Day.

One of the classic lines of cinema.

I mulled over posting several different Eastwood clips but settled on that one because Clint showed us that people could get lost in their own worlds even in the prehistoric days of rotary phones.

That guy in office talks like he is Dirty Harry and it concerns me.

I am pretty hawkish by nature and not someone who walks away or backs down easily but I don’t trust our president to be smart or wise.

Not convinced that he’ll listen to good advice or even certain that he’ll get it.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for the best and that they don’t turn into the worst.

Not a big fan of living in interesting times when interesting means this crap.

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