Is It Soda Or Is It Pop?

Some people call it soda and some call it Pop but in my world I am as likely to ask for a soft drink by name as I am by asking for Soda/Pop.

It is not one of those things that grabs or holds my attention.

As opposed to some country bumpkin who spends time following me around online and has been digging into places he probably shouldn’t know about.

I mean it is possible he found some on his own or that he was told about them. Part of me doesn’t care that he doesn’t know how to walk the line. If he wants to be a voyeur, well go ahead and be one.

But another part of me thinks that it would be fun to drop him in a ring of fire and or see him sing about his own Folsom Prison Blues.  There are lots of ways to respond to a hick who fills his underdeveloped sense of masculinity with a big truck, hunting and a law degree.

Yet I have mostly ignored the punk…mostly. I did block one of the IP addresses he visits from and logged the other just in case I decided it needed to be blocked.

The Best Way To Make A Decision

When I saw the scoundrel had been nosing around again where he doesn’t belong and wasn’t invited I thought to myself, “self, it might be time to put our size 12 boot in his ass and then self answered, ‘what it it gets stuck in there.’

Yeah, it was ridiculous and silly but sometimes silly is precisely what is called for. Sometimes you think the best way to respond to the notorious Fleabag Davis is to follow the lead of Delta House.

Cuz you just know that Otter’s speech has just the right balance between smart and stupid decision making.

Dead! Bluto’s right. Psychotic… but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

Don’t ask me to tell you what really futile and stupid gesture I have up my sleeve because I am wearing a tank top.

But if you are wondering why Fleabag is upset my guess is that he still feels foolish for having said he was supporting Trump or maybe it was my response to him.

Hell if I know for certain, nor do I really care. Maybe I’ll send him a primer on how not to leave digital footprints along with the “I Didn’t Know The Pan Was Hot’ guide to using fire by Norb and Tim.

What You Don’t Say

The kids are settling into life in Texas and we’re all relieved at living together again but there is the occasional bump in the road.

The teenage boy and I had a long conversation about where home is. I told him I have no problem calling Texas home but that LA is always going to be home with a capital H.

That led to a long talk about disagreements and things we say and I reminded him of the wisdom of not letting anger drive our decision making as well as the benefit of not playing all of our cards at once.

“Sometimes the strength of your argument comes from what you don’t say or don’t do. People wonder and worry about those things. Sometimes you need to let them wonder just how much you know and what you will do with that knowledge.

I see an awful lot but I don’t always respond. Sometimes it is because it’s not worth my time and sometimes because it is just not the right time. Timing is important.”

He nodded his head and we moved from the serious to the less so and talked about Spiderman and the next Star Wars movie.


As he walked away I couldn’t help but smile and marvel over how our conversations have evolved. It is not just the depth and maturity but his ability to analyze situations.

It is better than many adults I know.

Yeah, I know I am biased but it is true.

A Few Random Thoughts

I have read and heard updates from some Trump supporters that suggest there will be bloodshed if he is removed from office.

That is very troubling.

Troubling because removing a president from office is no trifling matter and should only happen under the most serious of circumstances.

If it happens it should only happen under stringent Constitutional guidelines in which case the outcome should be respected.

And that my friends is the rub, some of the supporters of the fool in office allege the problems some have with him is because people refuse to accept a legally elected president.

That is not true and its problematic because it requires a willful blindness and refusal to see that many of the challenges this president faces are because of his own behavior.

It ignores the threat he made prior to the election too.

Remember when he refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election if he lost.

The man has spent countless hours lying and spinning divisive rhetoric.

So if he is impeached I cannot help but wonder if he will finally lead or if he will push, berate and belittle as he has done for…forever.

I hope blood isn’t spilled and that things go well for all of us, but I am not convinced that the doofus in chief will make that happen.

Chances are he’ll keep fomenting unrest…sad.

Got run now, I need a drink but it won’t be soda or pop.

Nah, this time requires a beer.

Happy Saturday night to all, see you around.

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