The Stupidity Of A Brilliant Jailbreak

If I told you I was going to cause a frozen heart to melt and break on through the other side like Jim Morrison you might scratch your head and ask what the hell I am talking about.

I could tell you I spent countless hours trying to rotate back in time and that I hoped the Lizard King might give me some insight.

Turned on The End and walked down the hall to try and find a guy I knew intimately but only vaguely remember because time has drowned him under a million grains of sand.

Except, he didn’t die, he just went to sleep, waiting for a time to awake again.

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand
In a…desperate land

The Stupidity Of A Brilliant Jailbreak

I roused him and asked for help in devising a plan, asking to engage with me in the stupidity of a brilliant jailbreak.

He asked me if I remembered what happened when David called and asked me to help him break out of the hospital and escape.

“Josh, you are the only one I know who is willing to break me out of here. Help me.”

It didn’t take long to find out that his brain tumor was impacting his mind and that his head wasn’t quite right.

But it didn’t stop me from making a couple of calls to see who could pick me up at the airport and who might have a car we could use.

I knew it sounded crazy, but figured if it was real we would have to move quickly and it wouldn’t hurt to get a jump on things.

The question wasn’t could we break him out, but why was he in there and where would we go once we got out.

Circumstances made answering those questions unnecessary and now 19 years later my friend who was proud to call himself a scientist isn’t around to witness the attack on science.

The Hardest Prison To Escape

I made my last trip to The Rock around 25 or 30 years ago.

Truth is I can tell you I have been to Alcatraz several times but I just can’t remember if high school was my last visit.

It is a cool place to visit and I have no interest in ever being in a position to figure out how to bust out of there, but I do know that there are harder prisons to escape from.

Has nothing to do with whether they are active or use the most modern technology because the hardest joint anyone can do time inside is their own mind.

If you ever have you know you pray the judge doesn’t give you a life sentence and understand that even a couple of years can be the hardest time you have ever done.

Another jail break is needed and this time the dancing jailor is far too clever and cunning to go for a frontal assault or even some more complicated 12 step monkey hop.

Deep breath, reminder of why gratitude is important and then the great game begins.

A different opening move, a soft feint one way followed by a quick run up the middle to see if we can use surprise to gain access.

There has to be a crack, a small hole we can use to wedge our way in.

Push back comes and I start humming Never Been To Spain and am told my thought process makes no sense.

A Logical Disconnect

I don’t offer an explanation because all I have is gut instinct and a sense there is a logical disconnect that is causing the dissension.

If I can have a real conversation and get to the root I might be able to make this particular jailbreak work.

All I need to do is make that logical disconnect work with me and not against me…right.

This is hard, maybe the hardest thing I have ever encountered. It is a big part of why I rarely feel 100 percent and part of why my hair went AWOL.

But I am built to plant my feet and walk into and through the storm.

Built to withstand and prevail, that is of some use but little comfort because knowing you’ll survive taking a giant mouthful of foulness doesn’t make it taste better.

It just means you know the sooner you can get it done, the sooner you can put it behind you.

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