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The music starts, Dr John’s Right Place, Wrong Time setting the pace and the tone. Cuz we both know about bad timing and circumstances, or as Curly would say, I Am A Victim of Circumstance.

And so the music continues as we press on:


Some people say they heard me talk about disappointment and some say that the post was broken.

Can’t say for certain why it worked for some and not for others other than I suspect there might be an issue with…technical expertise.

Yeah, I am saying some of you have some trouble with tech and that could be the reason why you didn’t get the chance to hear my words.

Could be a good thing or might be a bad thing. Hell, I received some compliments about the sound of my voice during the last few days.

I thought about sending those to my kids to save for the next time they tell me they are tired of listening to me yell at them.

If you want to cause trouble ask who yells more and I guarantee they’ll say their mom does.

Sometimes she complains to me about this but I always shake my head and say I can’t help having a voice that is just deep enough to not require having to yell…much.

As for you dear reader, I suggest you recognize if I raise my voice it is either because I am happy or angry.

It won’t require guessing to know the difference between the two.

Thaw Out

Did you see the news about the massive iceberg that went rogue and left Antarctica?

That sucker is the size of Delaware and has twice the volume of Lake Erie, wonder if it is trying to take a road trip to the Akron-cleveland area.

Anyhoo, I had the kind of meeting today that could be very meaningful and make significant and important changes in my life.

It is the kind of moment that has me excited and nervous because you can’t know what impact it will have for a little while and that it is possible nothing will come of it.

But nothing will come of it is only one possibility and it is accompanied by its twin, “something will come of it.”

I am not sure what to root for, something or nothing.

Can’t decide if I should be really excited 0r scared.

Music Mix

  1. Evil Woman- ELO
  2. Telephone Line- ELO
  3. Old Man- Neil Y0ung
  4. Dark Necessities- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. An Old Fashioned Love Song- Three Dog Night
  6. Surrender- Cheap Trick
  7. Right Now- Van Halen
  8. Love Walks In- Van Halen
  9. The Song Is Over- The Who
  10. Won’t Get Fooled Again- The Who

Going To War

In unrelated and ridiculous news I decided to have a civil discussion online with a number of people whose opinions differed than mine.

I doubt anyone walked away feeling more enlightened, educated or filled with hope for the future but I can promise you more than a couple of people wondered how the hell I could post as much content as I did without the benefit of cut and paste.

One of them told me I had wandered where Liberals fear to tread and I told him I was used to dealing with dummies, numbskulls and redneck lawyers who haven’t got the common sense to admit they voted for the wrong guy.

He called me a bunch of names and suggested that I might love men in a way he thinks is unnatural.

I offered to show him in person the kind of love I have but he passed on my offer.


I was ready to lern him gud, cuz ya knaw Sweetcheeks is ready to ryde again.


Was it silly and ridiculous?

Yep, but sometimes we see a giant spoon full of dumb and decide to take a lick.

Sometimes it is cuz we are looking for trouble and sometimes it is because we just need to do something ridiculous that won’t cause harm or real trouble.

Who knows, maybe one of the people will read my words and take a moment to ask themselves if their point-of-view is based on fact and logic.

Maybe somehow, some way some life will be improved by it all or maybe not.

Sometimes you have to live colorfully and take the road less taken.

Can’t say what can happen unless you are willing to walk a bit farther down the road than the average fellow.

Here is hoping that when we turn the corner we find plenty of road and don’t end up falling off the cliff like the Coyote chasing the Road Runner.

Meep Meep.

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