Call The Doctor/Dentist & Whomever

I need to buy a whiteboard so I can make a list of stuff that needs to be done that I can just wipe out as needed.

It is part of an organizational system I have used over time, primarily in offices. Typically I would post some quote and that would spur conversation with me about it.

Wasn’t really designed to do that, but that is sort of how it worked out.

The post below didn’t really come out as I expected it to, mot sure if it worked as I wanted it to, but it is done.

Kind of reminds me of the place I went for Shawarma the other night. I liked it and would go back there without hesitation.

But it wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. Spices were slightly different, but like I said I still enjoyed it very much.

Anyhoo, the headline is more of a reminder to me to set things up cuz this old man needs a little work done.

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