Don’t Poke The Bear

I cannot confirm nor deny wanting to drop a ring of fire around a few people who chose to poke the bear because they needed to be burned and bitten

Nor can I confirm nor deny having tried to send a burning hula hoop to Ex-Lax brownies to said people but I might have laughed at the idea.

But I can confirm having instructed certain children in how long to wait before determining a friend is no longer a friend and the importance having standards

Everyone deserves a chance but not everyone gets one so you need to be aware of how, where and with whom you spend your time.

If you do this you can expect your heart and head to help guide you to make smart decisions or at least hope they are.

Sometimes that works and sometimes it fails.

How To Find Them

There is rhyme or reason to finding them. No guarantee that if you join a book club, hiking group or bowling league that will include finding your person or people.

All that you can do is keep your eyes open and try not to walk into poles while reading or sending text messages.

You’ll know when you find them, maybe immediately, maybe a little longer.

Either way you’ll know and then you’ll have to just run with it and see what happens.

Let out your sail and fly your flag and see what happens.

Or some such rot.

Can you tell I am working on a speech?

I am and I keep changing it.

Keeping massaging and adjusting, trying to find that perfect pitch and tone.

Might not actually get there, but by gum I am going to get damn close.

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