I’ll Eat Your Cat And Other Stories

I am not a fan of cats, but I do like gorillas and monkeys, ya know, the simians.

Make a monkey hop and you have done something special that not everyone can say they have done.

This is going to be a sh0rt post, perhaps a nonsensical one because I am in the land beyond exhausted in a place tired can’t reach.

It is not just physical, but emotional which is why I like to pretend it is a quest because if you go for broke you might as well pretend it is a noble cause.

Ringo & Paul

Do you wonder if Paul looks at Ringo and wonders how he is the only other Beatle left or if Ringo looks at Paul and snarls at him.

Ya know something about how he is a much better drummer and ought to get more credit than he does.

Well maybe if he was living in an Octopus’s garden he’d get more of that RESPECT or maybe that is why he doesn’t.

Hell if I know, I am just a man riding a tsunami who somehow has time to wave at the kids and say, ‘look at me’ while hoping that I don’t drown.

That would be bad for all of us, especially me.

Yeah, I am kind of selfish that way.

Anyhoo, I am busting my ass to move everything and get through this moment in time. It is really scary and really exciting.

A new chapter and a new life, provided that drowning thing doesn’t happen.

Well if it does it solves a few problems and creates some new ones, doesn’t it.

Got a couple of doozies, would like to go hang out with that octopus but suppose I ought to play grownup.

And with that Wilner, has left the building. Might be back, might not. Could go for an extended walkabout, I wouldn’t put it past me.

Got a healthy dose of wanderlust and more than enough curiosity for three people.

You can wait for Godot, but me, well I am off to find that bastard. He owes me money.

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