Building The Legend

“I died and they buried me in an unmarked grave. That would bother some people, but not me. I am dead and not particularly interested in attention, at least not under my name.

I kind of like the idea of people going on a pilgrimage to see the mystery man. It would be kind of cool to hear the stories they came up with.

Hell, I would like to be at my own funeral to hear what people say, assuming I wasn’t dead and buried in an unmarked grave.”

Might turn that into a story, might make it into reality and build the legend, you never do know what life will bring you.

Sometimes I think about selling everything and moving to some far away place and starting over.

Wouldn’t be all that different in some ways, because I have started over a bunch of times.  It is not a story or hyperbole, it is fact.

Sometimes when I listen to people complain about how hard their lives are I just shake my head because I had to give up quite a bit.

It wasn’t because I was trying to downsize or engaged in some new age enlightenment, it was because it was forced upon me.

That has had a lasting impact.

I appreciate some things far more than ever and have lost a need for others.

You might be surprised by how much I just don’t care about.

It is not because I am hurt or broken, although I have been but because the fire that forged me forced changes and I am not who I was.

Out To Sea

Sometimes they ask me where my head is at and I just smile.

It is out to sea, out on the water and dancing among the waves.

Part of it is because I am not real tolerant of the rampant stupidity or better yet, not tolerant of the willfully blind.

It irks me a bit, especially when they talk at me and act like I am some kind of ignorant fool.

That grinds on the old nerves a bit because their need to feed their ego wreaks havoc and I am stuck in a place where I am forced to work harder because of it.

It is just unnecessary.

I am too old for this crap, so I go out to sea.

Celebrate The Chief Numbskull

This dance ought to be part of every visit to the Orange Man.

It could be his very own Haka and conducted before every cabinet meeting.

You think I am kidding, but I am really not.

I am telling you if the Orange Man thought it was serious he would allow it to be done each time and eventually he would demand it.

Yeah, celebrate our chief numbskull and wait for the day when he demands tribute because it is coming.

He might actually be a Sneetch in disguise, too bad old Doc Seuss isn’t around to confirm.

Kind of makes me sad that Welcome Back Kotter isn’t on the air anymore, it would be great to have the Sweat Hogs visit him.

Sabotage–the man is sabotaging us all.

Feed Them All Ketchup

I am telling you soon he and his flunky director of ed will decide that ketchup is a vegetable and use that for school meals.

Much as I believe in feeding some of you ketchup, it is not a vegetable.

There is far more to say and share but this old man has to finish a video montage and needs to pack because I am moving again.

Yeah, I know I keep saying it every day but that is cuz I have way too much work surrounding it and my stress level is kind of high.

But have no worry, I’ll make it or you can bury me in an unmarked grave and pretend I never existed.

Since I’ll be dead it won’t bother me and if for some reason I get hung up here on earth I’ll have a good time haunting people.

I won’t be like Casper…well, maybe a little.

If I like you, well I’ll be Casper and if I don’t, well you’ll find out. 🙂

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