I’ll Feed You Ketchup

I once told someone that no one could do a better job of taking care of them. I watched their eyes widen while they waited for my description of how I would do it.

“I’ll feed you…ketchup.”

They didn’t appreciate the sentiment or recognize I was willing to work very hard to make a Ketchup face for them on their bread.

Not just once, but every day and not just on the same kind of bread. I would have mixed it up.

It Could Have Been Huge

It could have turned into a really big thing. I could have filmed myself making Mr. Ketchup Face and posted it on YouTube.

Pinterest would have gone wild with my Mr. Ketchup Face pins and so would have Instagram.

Brands would have paid big money to have hired me as influencer and bloggers would have cried because Mr. Ketchup Face would have made me Internet Famous.

I would have had 57 plus one different faces and been interviewed by the Jimmies and shaken hands with various celebrity guests.

Just imagine I could have taught George Clooney, Bono and Kevin Hart how to make a proper Mr. Ketchup Face.

Bruce Willis could have helped out with the empire and changed his famous line from Happy Trails Hans to Happy Trails Heinz.

Call me crazy, but it is not that hard to swallow. It could work and I could make it happen.

You Wouldn’t Believe It

I told the kids a long time ago they will have some experiences in life that are so crazy no one believes them.

There will be some people who share those moments that understand you don’t need a straight jacket because they were too.

They shared the moment.

And there will be some who don’t believe it and sometimes even the people or person who was there may come up with their moments of doubt and disbelief.

Sometimes you might even be the one who suffers from doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes you have to fight to remind yourself that you are not crazy.


I thought a bit about that today because of an Instagram post my daughter put up.

It was part of a goodbye to friends in LA and for a moment I felt sad because I am forcing her to make a big change.

This big change should be a good thing for the family and lead to giving my kids some experiences they would be unlikely to have without making the move.

It should lead to some big and important things but that is not guaranteed.

There are risks involved and it is possible it could be a bust. That has crossed my mind and fear of the consequences of a bust kept me from taking this chance many years ago.

But it could also be a huge success and there is no way to know without walking through that door.

I am not willing to let fear stop me from finding out. Sometimes you have to take a risk and go for it.

Doesn’t mean that you never have doubt or worry because you do, but I have lived the truth is stranger than fiction life for a long time now.

I have spent 18 months in a surreal place I never expected so I figure sometimes you have to WTF and go for it.

Yeah, that was a cheap movie reference.

I choose to live and to take a shot.

I have failed and been rejected but I have also had huge success.

Better to take a swing and strike out than to do nothing and watch the world pass me by.

Life is meant to be lived and not endured.

I am doing all I can to make sure I don’t have to be one who has to endure more than the occasional hard moment.

Got to take a chance and live.

One day I may have to write all these stories down.

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